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Online Banking System (OBS)
Online Banking System (OBS) offers specialised private banking functionality (STP with Stock Exchanges, Portfolio Mgmt, Performance calculation and reporting) on top of the otherwise required core banking functionality. OBS functionality includes Client Mgmt, FX/MM, Credit & Loans, G/L and Taxes.
OBS-GDH: The treasury dealing and settlement system
OBS-GDH: Treasury dealing, settlement (full STP) and mgmt of FX spot, outright and swaps, currency options, MM fixed term and calls, Fiduciaries pooled, unpooled and calls as well as Interest derivatives (FRA, IRS, Caps, Collars, Floors, Swaptions and cross currency swaps)
OBS-WPS: Full STP Securities and Derivatives System
OBS-WPS: Full STP dealing & processing order mgmt, routing and settlement system for shares, bonds, funds, custody mgmt (corporate actions), futures & options, etc. OBS-WPS includes the fully automated data exchange with third parties e.g. stock exchanges and depositories.
OBS-TAX: Strategic tax software for European Wealth Mgmt
OBS-TAX covers the tax calculation and tax reporting requirements for Germany, Luxembourg, EU Tax Directive, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, UK and US. OBS-TAX covers all business areas and has a special focus on the tax requirements for wealth mgmt.
OBS-KRE: The credits & loans system, incl. syndications
OBS-KRE: Collateral mgmt with daily reval, full STP processing of all international credit & loans, especially for labour intensive syndicate and multi-currency loans. Fully automated payments, limit monitoring and calculation of interest, fees and charges.