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ZEMA Data Management and Analysis Suite
ZEMA is a data management and analysis suite of web based tools. Its core function is to automate the scheduling and centralization of market data and the subsequent analysis, graphing, charting and exporting of that data. The suite includes dashboards, Excel add-ins, services and other tools.
ZEMA Analyzer
The ZEMA Anaylzer is a web based analytical tool that provides extensive data preparation and analysis capabilities. The application connects to its own database or the client's pre-existing databases allowing data to be graphed, charted, exported, aggregated, compared and extensively manipulated.
ZEMA Data Manager
ZEMA Data Manager is a scheduling and data centralization tool. It connects to electronically posted external/internal data sources collecting data from any source site and format. It provides robust features allowing for a great deal of automation and efficiencies around manual processes.
ZEMA Dashboard
ZEMA Dashboard allows users to create dynamic information on a single web page. Using easy drag and drop features, users can combine images, RSS feeds, data queries and Excel files into a single multi-windowed and self refreshing screen. View the Dashboard on a user's monitor or an overhead screen.
ZE Trade Manager
ZE Trade Manager is a state-of-the-art, web-based application built to support daily trading activities. The application records all aspects of electricity and natural gas transactions, allowing for the entry and management of hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly trades.