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Risk-Aligned Decision Making Tools and Analytics
Incorporating industry best-practice, Quantifi’s suite of market validated models provide timely, accurate and independent valuation for even the most complex OTC products. Built on new technology and incorporating advanced numerical methods, we deliver ground-breaking performance and scalability.
Integrated Counterparty Risk Management
Quantifi supports counterparty risk functionality needed by trading desk, CVA desk, risk management and accounting functions. Incorporating high performance, multi-factor Monte Carlo simulation coupled with powerful grid computing architecture, we supports even the largest, most complex portfolios.
Next-Generation Interactive Risk Reporting
Quantifi's next generation reporting tool provides interactive drill down, slicing and dicing, and aggregation across even the largest data sets. Detailed composite reports with tables and graphs of current and historical data provide full transparency, giving you complete confidence in the results.
Enterprise Risk Management - Credit and Market Risk
Quantifi’s integrated risk framework delivers a single view of risk. A powerful risk engine provides historical and what-if scenarios for accurate risk management. Quantifi supports all measures; complex scenarios, stress testing, regulatory capital, VaR, sensitivities, XVA and accounting.
Advanced Cross-Asset Trading
Quantifi provides trade entry and pre-trade analysis via a trade blotter that can be configured using templates. Pre-trade analysis, for both cleared and un-cleared trades, provides pre-deal risk metrics that enables users to make risk-adjusted pricing and trading decision before executing a trade.