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BD Vision
BD Vision is an enterprise-level CRM platform designed for institutional sell-side professionals. BD Vision combines our clients' proprietary data, the industry leading Bigdough dataset, and robust CRM functionality to give analysts and salespeople a consolidated view of their universe.
BD Advanced
Powered by Bigdough's industry-leading institutional contact data & profiles, Ipreo’s BD Advanced platform supports capital markets professionals in their prospecting and account outreach efforts, via a flexible and intuitive interface.
BD Embedded
BD Embedded allows the capital markets workflow functionality of the BD applications, along with the full Bigdough institutional database, to be seamlesly integrated with other enterprise-level CRM systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, other major CRMs, or a firm's in-house system.
Fixed Income Product Suite - IssueBook & IssueNet
Ipreo’s IssueBook is a comprehensive web-based bookbuilding platform for managing the entire fixed-income new-issue process. IssueNet is a unique community of member banks, linked via a technology platform that gives syndicate to syndicate connectivity across the market.
Profile Builder & Pitch Builder
Profile Builder is a robust investor/contact profile building tool. Our template creation process creates unique customized profiles with branding, exportable to PDF or Excel. PItch Builder is a dynamic report engine that produces presentation-ready pitch books effortlessly in minutes.