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Control Workbench - Reconciliation Engine
A high performance enterprise quality solution used to manage all types of data quality and reconciliation processes, including: Complex many to many recons Replacing Excel based solutions Reconciliation of enterprise data repositories Reconciliation of data between old and new systems
Reporting Workbench
Replaces your manual, Excel based reporting with professional quality reports from any of your sources of data including your reconciliation results provides a streamlined process for reporting which is efficient, reliable, and ensures reports contains correct data. New reports easily added.
AccessPoint / AccessPoint for iPad
AccessPoint allows you to distribute and share any content including your reports with the comfort of knowing your information is secure and only available to the correct individuals—creates a central point of control for providing secure online access to all of your different content.
Compliance Workbench
Provides automated validation of: Blue Sheet, Trace, ACT, OATS, Large Option Position Reporting. Enables 100% verification thru a sustainable process. Dashboards with the status by control routine, number of exceptions by category and drill down to each exception. Generates critical issue roadmap.
Data Warehouse Control Center
The Data Warehouse Control Center enables active management of data flowing into a warehouse. Through configuration you can establish the following: Real time monitoring on the receipt of each feed • Metrics on the number of records received from each feed • Validation of the records received