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Cura GRC Software
Cura GRC is a fully integrated cutting-edge software solution that is a designed to enable businesses to quickly achieve the bottom line benefits of automating a companies Risk, Audit, BCM and Compliance functions.
Cura Risk Management Software
Cura’s RMS Cura provides a powerful and flexible framework for managing risk, allowing organisations to identify, analyse, evaluate and treat both risks and opportunities in order to protect the corporate brand, create value for shareholders, owners, employees, customers and regulators.
Cura Risk Based Audit
Cura Audit is a simple-to-use, solution that enables enterprises to standardize working papers, audit planning and execution in a productive and efficient manner. It provides assurance to management, regulators and other stakeholders that control-related processes are in effective and efficient.
Cura Business Continuity Management
Cura BCM allows organisations to ensure operational resilience by using predefined measures to anticipate and prepare for potential outages and disruptions. Consistency is achieved by utilizing the latest guidelines and standards and the solution itself makes use of built-in BCM best practices.
Cura Compliance
Cura’s Compliance solutions enable organizations to create a harmonized set of internal controls to facilitate operational transparency and ensure compliance with the ever-increasing requirements of state, federal and international regulations, specifications, policies, acts, standard and laws.