Kx technology, incorporating the kdb+ time-series database, is a leader in high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence. Kx delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries.

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Kx Systems Inc.
Kx Systems provides ultra-high speed technology to global financial institutions, enabling real-time implementation of complex trading strategies. Kx stores, retrieves and analyses vast quantities of real-time and historical data instantaneously, reducing latency and improving risk management.
Kdb+ is a scalable, high-performance relational database with a single format for real-time and historical data, providing an end-to-end solution, and eliminating latency across multiple data management systems. It handles virtually unlimited quantities of data at real-time speeds.
q - a powerful, proprietary high-level language
q is a powerful language for querying & programming with built-in time-series, administration and tuning functions. With Kdb+ it offers a unique and original solution set for ultra-high performance database and real-time analysis, enabling institutions to process constantly increasing data volumes.
Analyst for Kx
An Interactive Data Exploration and Development Environment For Big, Fast Data Analyst for Kx provides a full-featured, interactive analytic/development environment for loading, transforming, exploring and visualizing massive datasets in real-time. Analysts can load, query and visualize billions of records as if they are working with a few...
Stream for Kx
High-Volume, High-Velocity Streaming Analytics Platform Stream for Kx enables users to capture, store and analyze massive volumes of streaming data. It provides an enterprise-ready, high-performance, fully integrated yet simple platform for capturing and analyzing data that contrasts with the complexity and cost of alternative approaches. ...
Control for Kx
A Framework of Visibility, Governance and Control Control for Kx provides our clients with the flexibility required for product development and design, but with the ability to exercise rigorous control across their application landscape, with full visibility into what processes are currently running and a resilient governance framework in place...
Dashboards for Kx
Visualize, Analyze and Monitor Massive Datasets Harness the skills of your organization with Dashboards for Kx. Discover new opportunities in your data; take advantage of a full suite of tools with OLAP tables, multi-charts, maps and more. In-built custom components offer readymade surveillance, tick-driven financial charts, and alerting...
Kx for Algos
Low latency algorithmic trading platform Based on a proven, scalable Complex Event Processing (CEP) architecture, Kx for Algos provides the performance and flexibility to research, engineer, test and deploy a wide range of proprietary trading strategies and manage associated risk in real-time. Strategies may be tested and refined using a...
Kx for Flow
Low-latency FX trading powered by Kx Technology Flow is a market-neutral platform with built-in connectivity to the full FX liquidity market. Clients can have total confidence and visibility when executing transactions because the user interface exceeds the industry standard, providing detailed insight for the lifecycle of each transaction...
Kx for Surveillance
Trade monitoring for regulatory compliance across asset classes Banks, exchanges and regulators around the globe need to protect themselves from financial crime. To do this, many are turning to Kx. Built on technology chosen by top global banks for their high frequency trading systems, Kx for Surveillance was designed in collaboration with...