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TradeSTP connects liquidity providers and end users. Simple, scalable solutions overcome the middle and back office integration challenges typically associated with deal delivery to treasury systems and applications. Wherever you sit in the e-trading value chain,
Markit Cashflow
Markit Cashflow modeling enables clients to model, evaluate, and analyze Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and Asset Backed Securities (ABS). With Markit, clients can project cash flows on any given security based on specific client-driven assumptions, such as interest rates, pre-payments, losses, etc.
Markit Quotes
Markit Quotes is a real-time quote parsing service that extracts indicative and live over-the-counter (OTC) pricing from e-mail messages. The service provides portfolio managers, traders and risk managers with increased transparency and insight over the course of the day.
Markit Portfolio Valuations
Markit Portfolio Valuations service is an independent, multi-contributor validated, portfolio valuations service for vanilla and structured over-the-counter products.
Counterparty and Compliance Management
This platform allows buy and sell side financial firms exchange and access the vast amounts of documents and data associated with the ever-increasing amount of industry and governmental regulations (including Know-Your-Counterparty, the Patriot Act, among others).
Markit Desktop
Markit Desktop provides real-time and historical cross-asset coverage of the global financial markets in an easy-to-use, customisable interface. Markit Desktop carries Markit’s full range of OTC asset valuations, including fixed income, structured finance and syndicated loans pricing, as well as content from third-party data and news...
Markit Trade Processing
Markit's all-inclusive, electronic platform for derivative post-trade processing provides reduces outstanding confirmations, operational risk, and disputes. Sellside and Buyside firms use Markit to automate and streamline derivative post-trading operations, including: Confirmations, Portfolio Reconciliation, Trade Date Tie-Out,Novation Alerts, and...
Markit Loans
Markit Loans (formerly LoanX) offers the most accessible and comprehensive pricing data in the market, with over 4,000 loan prices provided daily.
Markit Index Management
Markit Index Management brings together over 300,000 global indices and ETFs in a single feed. Markit Index Management consolidates index compositions into a single structured format, with data sourced directly from index providers and exchanges, and checked and validated prior to market open. All underlying constituents are referenced to multiple...
Markit Dividend Forecasting
Markit provides independent and discrete dividend forecasts for over 6,500 global stocks to help customers value trades and make informed investment and risk decisions. Estimates are created by an experienced analyst team conducting bottom-up analysis on individual companies that take into account company fundamentals, direct investor relations...