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A World-class, Elite, Treasury Management System and service via our flagship solution 'Salmon Treasurer'. The system has evolved to reflect the technological innovations of today and our continued commitment into our R&D, that has resulted in the new cloud SaaS and in-house deployment options for today's world.

Company Announcements

To drive fast, you need a powerful car

19th April 2021

Here we are, 1 year on from the arrival of the Coronavirus. It’s been a strange year in many ways and many things have changed. But Cash Management remains front and centre of Treasury The arrival of Banking APIs has made it possible for our sophisticated Treasury Management System, Salmon Treasurer, to bring to life Real Time Cash...
US will get more time than the rest of the world to ditch Libor
US will get more time than the rest of the world to ditch Libor

9th March 2021

Libor is part of the bedrock of the global financial system and it underpins hundreds of trillions of dollars in financial assets even as regulators have made an effort to wind it down by the end of 2021 and Federal Reserve have been pushing market participants toward alternatives. Yet that drive has been stymied this year by the fallout from...
The pandemic & It’s Aftermath May Have Forced Banks & Corporate Treasurers to Move the LIBOR Transition -To-SONIA, To-SOFR & To-SARON, Down Their Priority List

13th July 2020

The pandemic and it’s aftermath may have forced Banks and Corporate Treasurers to move the LIBOR Transition -To-SONIA,  To-SOFR and To-SARON, down their priority list Due to  COVID-19’s damaging impact on world economies, these banks and corporate treasurers have been presented with new priorities. However, it is still...

4th May 2020

Effective May 2020, Salmon Software is pleased to announce its association with Dubai-based Saiber Innovation Technologies, Dubai – United Arab Emirates, thus adding one more point of international presence in the expanding markets of the Middle East & Gulf countries. In the Fintech space, Saiber offers solutions to banks and...

26th June 2019

Salmon Software Limited is delighted to be awarded ‘Best Liquidity Management System 2019’ from Bobsguide. Cash management & Forecasting belongs to the cornerstones of our Treasury Management System, Salmon Treasurer. It deeply enriches the wider areas of Treasury Management the system covers. Thanks to our emphasis on innovation,...
Salmon Software to Launch the Salmon Treasurer SONIA System & Service at the UK ACT in Manchester on the 21st and 22nd of May 2019

16th May 2019

Salmon Software is pleased to announce the launch of our new SaaS Cloud based Salmon Treasurer - SONIA System & Service. SONIA is a more complex structure. It doesn’t have different curves for different maturities and it incorporates daily compounding, weighted averaging, end of period setting and a 5 day lag period. Managing this and...
Zeevo Group and Salmon Software Deliver Innovative Treasury Solutions to Aircraft Lessors

6th May 2019

Best-in-Class Software to Complement the Company’s Comprehensive Services As a Key Enabler of Lessors’ Treasury Transformation NEW YORK — May 2, 2019 — Zeevo Group LLC (“Zeevo”), a business, finance and information technology consulting services firm, announced today a new strategic alliance with...
Steve Canning, TMS specialist, strengthens Salmon Software’s UK management team

18th February 2019

Salmon Software has strengthened its UK management team with the appointment of industry veteran Steve Canning as business development director. He was formerly head of corporate sales at trading platform provider 360T. Prior to that he worked with a French TMS provider and has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services market, the...
Salmon Software Treasury Insider Interview with Sean Grace, Group Treasurer of Securitas

22nd August 2018

Sean Grace started his career in corporate treasury at ESB, the Irish Electricity Supply Board.  Sean moved on to become a Consultant with FTI Treasury, and later Treasury and Risk Manager at Aer Lingus. Sean is now Group Treasurer at Securitas, a world leader in Security Services. Listed and headquartered in Stockholm, Securitas employs...
The new Payment Services Directive II

22nd May 2018

Salmon Software is proud to announce our participation in the new Clear Path Analysis annual Treasury & Cash Management, Europe 2018 report. How global players can take advantage of fintech services for new Payment Services Directive II agreements and automate their payment flows. To find our section of the report please visit...