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Marketing, PR and content creation consultancy, specialising in financial software (front to back offices) and investment management consulting firms. Led by a Chartered Marketer with over 25 years' experience, we will form an integral part of your team. Key disciplines: Outsourcing Strategy Writing PR Creative Social

Company Insights

The future of client reporting and the need for joined-up thinking

15th May 2019

Client reporting is often seen as the sterile end of any investment process; a cost of doing business rather than an area that can add value for the end investor. Much of this perception is due to a lack of joined-up thinking on the part of the industry (investment managers, consultants and software vendors) concerning...
“System consolidation will solve all your operational problems, Sergei. Simples!” Well, maybe not, Aleksandr

18th March 2019

For buy-side firms, the need to manage operations with more efficiency has never been greater, for two key reasons. For many years the industry as a whole has been witnessing fee compression, coupled with a focus on fee transparency among the regulators in a quest for value for money on behalf of end investors. This fee compression has been...
Getting the best from the client-vendor relationship

21st January 2019

For buy-side firms, the need to manage operations with more efficiency has never been greater. Rising regulatory costs and fee compression driven by passive funds have caused asset managers to scrutinise every area of their processes like never before. The relationship between an asset manager and its vendor partners is one such domain that is...
The malevolent finale to Mifid II

14th November 2018

Cost disclosure may well yet prove to be the most pernicious element of the EU’s entire consumer protection strategy. Part of Mifid II, these changes apply to all wealth management transactions where there is a cost of investing money in the market. Some advisers refer to the aggregated information on costs and charges that they...