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Revolutionising asset and wealth management, spread betting and fintech with in-memory computing

12th December 2017

Digital Transformation is taking place in every industry, and the extent and pace of change in financial services is truly breathtaking. “In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook, Part 1” published by GridGain Systems, explored how in-memory computing platforms such as Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain support rapidly...
How In-Memory Computing can help insurance companies thrive in the face of rapid change

29th November 2017

Along with most industries that rely on technology, the insurance industry faces great challenges and opportunities. Technology-powered capabilities, such as online and mobile apps, smart contracts, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and telematics, offer new ways to engage customers, streamline internal processes and improve risk assessment. At the...
How in-memory computing can maximize the performance of modern payments, IoT and blockchain applications

1st November 2017

“In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook, Part 2,” published by GridGain Systems, takes a detailed look at how in-memory computing platforms such as GridGain and Apache® Ignite™ can help financial services firms leverage in-memory computing to take advantage of modern payments systems, the Internet of Things (IoT),...
The evolving demands on financial services firms: Is your technology infrastructure ready?

26th September 2017

No other industry has been impacted by evolving technology more than financial services. Mobile banking, 24-hour trading, and the dramatic rise in the total amount of data that needs to be processed have put tremendous pressure on system performance and scale. Meanwhile, evolving regulations, the expanding scope of financial fraud and the continued...
What is the future of in-memory computing?

5th September 2017

Once considered too expensive for all but high performance/high value applications, in-memory computing (IMC) is now moving into the mainstream. Almost every organisation today has high performance application requirements and, according to Gartner, IMC technologies provide a cost-effective path to creating modern, scalable, real-time applications....
In-memory Computing: Boosting the performance of financial services IoT projects

26th July 2017

Few would doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt everything we know about data transaction processing and analytics. According to Gartner, by 2020, 26 billion IoT devices will be creating data that will be communicated over the Internet for analysis – often in real time. And that figure doesn’t even include computers and...
Accelerating payment solutions with in-memory computing

13th June 2017

The shift to digital payments is taking place in many forms: bitcoins, mobile wallets, “tap and go” payment transactions, peer-to-peer money-transfer apps and more. Worldwide, the mobile payments market alone has grown from $235 billion in 2013 to a projected value of almost $800 billion in 2017 and over a trillion dollars by 2019. ...
Empowering fintech with in-memory computing

23rd May 2017

To compete and innovate in a global, technology-driven economy, banks and financial institutions must make unprecedented amounts of data available for analysis and process billions of transactions in real and near real-time. To achieve this, many institutions are adopting cloud-based applications and outsourcing some of their data processing and...
Providing competitive asset and wealth management with in-memory computing

25th April 2017

Asset and wealth management services providers face mounting competitive pressure on two fronts. On one front, today’s investors, especially younger ones, have very different expectations. Rather than relying on the advice of a single investment advisor, they tend to get more personally involved by consulting peers and independent reports and...
Enabling blockchain and Bitcoin with in-memory computing

21st March 2017

Nikita Ivanov - Founder & CTO, GridGain A 2016 Deutsche Bank survey of 200 participants in the global financial industry found a very high degree of enthusiasm for blockchain, the digital-ledger technology behind Bitcoin. A remarkable 87 percent of respondents expect it to have a major impact on the securities services market, with 75...