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The road ahead for bank and fintech collaborators

27th February 2019

We all know that banking is changing course. But where is it going? Attitudes towards banks have been changing steadily in recent years, and with new alternatives readily available and often able to provide a better service, consumers and businesses alike are looking elsewhere. A global survey of more than 8,000 consumers in 2018 showed...
Insurance: the new payments opportunity

4th February 2019

In recent years, just like businesses in almost any other industry, insurance companies have been focusing on improving the customer journey. They are increasingly adopting automated systems which help to streamline their service, offering policyholders an efficient, easily navigated and hassle-free journey from point of quote to purchase, to claim...
The growth of small and medium excluded enterprises (SMEEs)

26th October 2018

Financial inclusion, or rather, exclusion, has long been a hot topic in personal finance circles. Ensuring individuals have fair and affordable access to financial products to suit their requirements is vital for improving equality and overall well-being. However, financial exclusion is increasingly becoming a concern for businesses. Post-recession...
La Cour on financial utility: “Banks have been missing a huge opportunity”

11th July 2018

In this fintalk, bobsguide speaks to Anders La Cour, CEO of Saxo Payments Banking Circle. La Cour and Banking Circle are pioneers in adopting the financial utility model in order to drive down costs and increase efficiency for market participants. Here, La Cour offers his opinion on how banks can reduce cost on cross-border payments as well...
Building an army in the business loan battle

4th June 2018

Since the financial crash of 2008, banks have been reluctant to lend, and SMEs have had to jump through hoop after hoop, fighting to obtain finance. Whether they need cash to help buy stock or essential equipment, or to expand into new markets, at some point almost all SMEs will look for extra finance beyond their usual cashflow. However,...
Winds of change in cross border banking

9th May 2018

Having remained relatively unchanged for many generations, the cross border payments map is being transformed. The forces driving change are coming from all angles, entirely reshaping the landscape, and drawing a new map. New entrants are changing expectations and demand. Large global banks are retreating from their traditional correspondent...
How emerging financial utilities could solve the pain points for international payments

28th November 2017

Pressure continues to weigh heavily on the shoulders of the financial services industry, with increased regulation, the high cost of cross border payments, and the correspondent banking system becoming even less effective as banks retrench from foreign markets. Added to that, financial tech businesses and other new entrants that are also able to...
How banks and fintechs need to adapt to a shrinking global banking landscape

13th March 2017

Anders la Cour, Chief Executive, Saxo Payments The global transaction banking industry is experiencing one of the biggest shake-ups it has seen in decades. Non-bank tech disruptors such as Bitcoin and the blockchain, the eastward shift in global economic power, low-interest earnings in developed markets, the emergence of challenger banks, and...
Will 2017 be another year of disruption for the Payments Industry?

16th January 2017

Disruption was a frequently used word in the payments industry throughout 2016; and 2017 is looking to be just as exciting. New regulation, improved support for non-bank players and increased collaboration are all set to further shake-up the established status quo. The digital space is shifting the payments landscape. We now live in a world...
Agility and collaboration: the key to success

21st November 2016

“The customer is king”: not a new phrase. But a phrase that probably resonates more than ever in the banking and payments sector as traditional boundaries are broken down and there is almost a free-for-all when it comes to competing for customers.    Undoubtedly the digital world has been at the heart of the changes seen in...