CREALOGIX is a global market leader in digital banking and financial technology. Founded in 1996, the group has more than 700 employees worldwide. The shares of CREALOGIX Group (CLXN) are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Company Insights

What do consumers want to use Open Banking for?

8th July 2019

In our recent survey of UK bank account customers, we found that only a third of respondents were aware of Open Banking, yet two thirds of the same overall consumer group are keen on the features that Open Banking promises to unlock. This is not as much of a contradiction as it sounds, because it’s just another example of how, as consumers,...
The opportunity for open banking awareness has been missed

11th June 2019

Considering it was heralded as one of the biggest revolutions in retail banking of recent times, consumer awareness of open banking remains disappointingly low in the UK. In new research conducted by CREALOGIX, two thirds of the 2,000 respondents questioned had no idea what open banking was or is. Furthermore, less than 8% of respondents regarded...
Banks need to act quickly to implement cryptocurrencies

21st August 2018

For many years, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remained a fringe movement, generally unknown to those outside the immediate community. In 2010, a year after its invention, one bitcoin was never worth more than $0.50, but the unprecedented attention that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have received in the last two years has led to sharp price...
Why banks are lagging on Open Banking

23rd April 2018

The world of consumer banking is becoming more democratic, as the old banking powers begin to lose their grip and their monopolies.   The latest Open Banking regulations have signalled a subtle shift in the world of consumer banking. New competitors are being allowed to compete in a marketplace long dominated by a select few financial...