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Company Insights

Macro prudential stress testing: Monitoring the financial system Pt.2

31st October 2017

EU-wide stress tests of the EBA chiefly represent a micro prudential and severe assessment of the solvency of the individual banks monitored by the ECB, useful for preventive actions in specific situations. This is an extremely useful test, although insufficient per se from the perspective of the supervisory authorities. As explained...
Macro prudential stress testing: "Monitoring" the European financial system

25th October 2017

The most original innovations often stem from necessity or are born for the purposes of overcoming unforeseen difficulties. This is the case for macro prudential stress tests, namely a set of analysis techniques used by financial supervisory authorities since the great global financial crisis in 2007-2009. This approach has resulted in the...
EBA’s consultation on economic downturn factors: Need of simplified approaches

28th June 2017

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has recently launched a public consultation on its draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) specifying the nature, severity and duration of an economic downturn, according to which institutions shall estimate the downturn of loss given default (LGD) and credit conversion factor (CCF), which are credit...
The EBA consultation period on probability of default, loss given default, and the treatment of defaulted assets by banks: Key takeaways

2nd March 2017

Lorenzo Bocchi, Director, Prometeia The European Banking Authority (EBA) has just closed the consultation period for its guidelines about probability of default (PD) and loss given default (LGD) estimation, and the treatment of defaulted assets by banks. Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management software and solutions, has been among the...
Nigerian banks in transition: what role for risk management?

12th December 2016

The Nigerian financial sector is currently moving to a gradual convergence towards the international BCBS and IFRS frameworks, which are rapidly transforming the approach of banking players towards balance sheet risks. Historically, Nigeria has been a forerunner in the adoption of international standards on banking supervision. Central Bank of...
Turkish Banks Move Forward To New Approaches For Credit Risk Modelling

17th June 2016

The long journey has just begun. In the wake of the Basel II framework, Turkish banks are beginning their transition from standardised to Internal Ratings Based (IRB) approach models for credit risk management, with an eye on the new guidelines the European Banking Authority. This shift will change not only the way banks develop, validate and...