ICS Financial Systems Ltd. (ICSFS)

A leading provider in the banking automation technologies & services.
ICSFS success is attributed to its turnkey offering,ICS BANKS that handles Universal, Retail, Digital, Islamic, Corporate, Commercial, Private & Wholesale Banking.

Company Insights

The inevitable evolution: financial inclusion, Open Banking and the cloud

23rd July 2018

Agile fintech players offering a range of services have built tremendous customer bases, taking business from the traditional banking network. Three key elements have helped them deliver unique products and services to a wide range of customers, with the help of cloud technology. Banks must be aware of these pillars that now hold up the market,...
Using AI to enhance customer experience

19th March 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already become an everyday part of our lives. We use it at work and at home - often without even realizing it. AI is evolving now in all industries especially in the banking sector, 2018 will showcase many projects and applications that are adopting AI to increase their performance and security in all terms. In...
The future direction of digital investing

6th February 2018

Although digital investing is not scaling as quickly as many anticipated, customer awareness and consideration has clearly moved toward digital. Today, about 30-35% of searches for investment products go through digital channels rather than through family and friends, word-of-mouth and other sources. To catch the shift to digital, Investment...
Why banks must digitally transform in 2018 or risk fading away

20th December 2017

Wasting time means losing money. That is what digital era businesses cannot bear, and very soon the speed of traditional bankers and banking methods will be comparable to a steam train being placed next to a modern Transrapid i.e. the banking technology of the future. This fact has been recognised by the banks. Generally speaking, banking is not...