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Company Insights

Are software vendors about to become Netflix-like? Well, sort of

2nd March 2021

These days, there are three main software delivery models on the market: out the box, off-premises, and on-premises.  In the out of the box delivery model, the user buys a disk containing a software distribution kit and installs it. Simple as it may seem, the main disadvantages of the model are: the need for a machine that’s powerful...
What technologies should insurers bet on in 2021?

11th January 2021

This is not a regular time - and, as Robert Frost said, "the best way out is always through”. Even now, insurers are following the path of technological progress, trying to keep up with the market. Many actions have already been taken, key trends are being implemented by the industry, so will 2021 bring about significant changes? Or can...
Online insurance sales: Is it enough?

2nd December 2020

The current epidemiological situation has become a driving force for many customers to change their buying habits. Also in the case of insurance: those who buy policies increasingly want to do it online. According to the Capgemini report, as many as 75 percent of the insurance company's customers worldwide would change their insurer if the...
Effectively combating fraud while staying user-friendly

30th October 2020

As an industry, financial services is seeing unprecedented threats from cyber and technology risks. As institutions work tirelessly to stay ahead of criminal activities, hackers continue to up the ante and advance their techniques. In this article, we discuss the threat landscape and how it has evolved, alongside authentication methods and ways...
Health and wealth: happy together

5th October 2020

The last year acquisition of InstaMed, a healthcare payment solutions specialist, by JP Morgan, has delivered significant benefits to customers of both parties of the deal. It allowed for combining innovative solutions and the vast payment capabilities using the strength and scale of the bank, and healthcare industry experience of the technology...
Portfolio management: on the crossroads

21st September 2020

Individual investors don’t always know how to manage their money in case of major global events. What role do banks play in guiding and educating those investors in such moments?  In the first six months of 2020, Belgian investors have shown an increasing interest in online investments and made 50 percent more transactions than last...
How to save a million dollars on bank operating costs

15th September 2020

An AML analyst spends an average of an hour analysing a suspicious case. Each time they have to perform a series of simple, repetitive actions. Search for a given client in the database of suspects, verify if the client is not on the warning lists, check what is known about the client from the internet. In some institutions, even a dozen or so...
Criminals of cyberspace: live by the sword, die by the sword

17th July 2020

Confinement measures have led businesses and individuals to turn to online systems – and developed a whole new green field for criminal activities. As banks had to re-think and re-organise a great part of their processes with fewer human resources, monitoring suspicious transactions now tends to come as a second priority. This challenge...
Security and convenience: a perfect relationship?

30th March 2020

In 2016, the global fraud detection market was valued by Allied Marked Research at $13.6bn. Fast forward to today: according to Fortune Business Insight, the global market for anti-fraud solutions will grow from $19.3bn in 2018 to $110bn in 2026. The growth is exponential, and the banking, financial services, insurance and manufacturing sectors...
When will AI-based AML be friends with European regulators?

24th March 2020

The scale of the problem has been demonstrated by the legislative activity of the European Parliament, which over the past five years has adopted three directives regarding anti-money laundering and terrorism financing. Complying with the directives is a particular challenge for banks, exposed to a three-fold risk in terms of money laundering...