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TAS Group delivers software solutions for cards, payment systems, capital markets & extended enterprise. Our secure solutions manage financial transactions worldwide. We strive to simplify the way private enterprise, public sector, commercial & central banks interact with customers, stakeholders & technology systems

Company Insights

Rising to the digital banking challenge

21st November 2019

To keep up with customers’ demands and drastically changed lifestyle, as well as reducing competition pressure by new players entering the market, banks are looking to digitally transform their existing infrastructures, with some establishing new digital subsidiaries to avoid legacy traction. Moving traditional banks online has been...
Fragmented market and regulatory guidelines create Open Banking headache for PSPs

3rd September 2019

Open Banking should have been a huge opportunity for Europe’s payment service providers (PSPs), but so far a lack of unified standards, the absence of harmonised fraud reporting requirements as well as the confusion around strong customer authentication (SCA) has caused great unrest for those within payments. In June, when the European...
T2/T2S Consolidation: Can digital transformation be an opportunity for liquidity management?

15th May 2019

The Eurosystem project to consolidate TARGET2 and T2S and to meet changing market needs by enabling a truly real-time 24x7 settlement infrastructure for cash, securities and collateral aims at increasing efficiencies and optimising liquidity management across all TARGET Services. The go-live is scheduled for November 2021, with a big bang...
Higher fees for non-3DS compliance as deadlines loom

11th December 2018

The global rollout of EMVCo’s Three-Domain Secure protocol (3DS) continues in earnest as the card networks impose geographic deadlines for the implementation of 3DS2 (3DS 2.0, as it is also known) by 2019 and 2020. In the meantime, the card networks will take the stick to straggler merchants and issuers in the form of higher fees for...
Outmuscling Stripe, PayPal and Adyen: new attitude vital for banks

19th November 2018

The race to market domination is well and truly underway as fintechs rub elbows with established banks in the payments space. And the ideal conditions for fintechs seem to be converging to label 2019 a make or break year for the banks. From the regulators, a year on from PSD2, fintechs are now able to combine more and more insights from...
SCA exemption: the perfect storm for machine learning

8th October 2018

The payments community is well used to the abundance of acronyms that has become its legislation of late, but less so to the grey overlaps between various directives and standards - least of all Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) within the online and e-commerce payment experience. But Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are increasingly finding...
How banks are preparing (or not) for T2/T2S consolidation

24th September 2018

In 2020 another seismic upheaval looms on the horizon for the European financial community. This time the main players are the European central and national banks. Vision 2020, as the Eurosystem’s T2/T2S Consolidation project is known, sees the technical consolidation of TARGET2 and TARGET2-Securities and the harmonisation and integration of...
The Silk-Road in reverse: the QR code comeback in Europe

10th September 2018

It seems a long time ago that QR (Quick-Response) codes were introduced to the world, appearing on everything from boarding passes to business cards. But they might just be coming into their own as a pan-European mobile payment solution, in a big way. In Asia’s emerging markets, consumer habit has largely been informed by the phenomenon of...
The re-shaping of correspondent banking: Impacts on banking treasury

5th March 2018

Correspondent banking is gathering a lot of attention these days. It is surprising to see so many changes going on considering that until a few years ago it was lying quietly within the bank’s back-office department without receiving pressures from the external world. Many saw this coming, as the current banking market is driven by innovation...
How interlinked technology is underpinning the evolution of payments

1st November 2017

There’s no time to rest for financial services. The unstoppable wave of innovation and change that the industry is riding is showing no signs of abating, thanks to new challenges and opportunities such as T2+T2S Consolidation, GDPR, PSD2, Instant Payments, open banking, SWIFT gpi, and blockchain. Each topic cannot ignore the others, giving...