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Company Insights

How the pandemic has accelerated consumers’ shift to digital payments

25th November 2020

It is likely that we won’t understand the full extent to which the pandemic has changed our lives until we are looking back at 2020. As people have remained home (and isolated) during the pandemic, they have resorted to purchasing their daily needs online.    It is easy to assume that the pandemic has significantly accelerated the...
Banishing the black box: Achieving explainable sanctions screening

30th October 2019

The final installment of our three-part sanctions compliance blog series looks at the industry shift from transparency to true explainability. The importance of explainability As described in our recent white paper, Excellence in Sanctions Compliance: The Role of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Explainability (the 3Es), explainability means...
How efficient is your sanctions compliance approach?

17th October 2019

This is the second in a three part series, based on the whitepaper, Excellence in Sanctions Compliance: The Role of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Explainability The first article in our “excellence in sanctions compliance” series detailed the many regulatory requirements that must be met to achieve effective compliance. If not...
How effective is your sanctions compliance programme?

10th October 2019

This is the first of a three part series. Effectiveness, efficiency and explainability – “the three E’s” – are the interdependent foundational girders for building a sound sanctions compliance program. In the first of this three-part series, we’ll look at the role of effectiveness in sanctions compliance. ...
Shipping industry in direct path of brewing OFAC storm

31st May 2019

By David Loeser, Senior Director of Product Strategy, Accuity Deceptive shipping activity is on the increase and is gaining the attention of US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The office is responsible for issuing and enforcing sanctions based on US foreign policy, and recently updated its advisory...
Q&A: Accuity’s innovation junkie CEO

23rd April 2019

David Wilson was appointed chief executive officer of Accuity in January, having joined the compliance software firm as chief operating officer in July 2017. Prior to that, he held several senior management positions within the RELX Group, Accuity’s parent company. Bobsguide sat down with the self-described “innovation junkie” to...
The new normal of the payments ecosystem: Demand of excellent customer experiences and increasing industry regulation

21st March 2019

Competition and innovation has been an enormous force for good in driving the speed of change in the payment ecosystem to meet ever increasing customer expectations for excellent payments experiences. Now, with disruption of the payments landscape continuing apace, nimble, creative fintechs are challenging the ground held by established payment...
Sanctions compliance: a fresh warning for the air cargo industry

29th May 2018

Recent news that a Maersk company carried arms components from North Korea to Egypt - in violation of international sanctions - acts as a fresh warning for those facilitating global trade to be diligent in monitoring and reporting suspicious activity. The transportation of electrical components by a Maersk subsidiary, which had the potential to be...
How tighter compliance can boost the reputation and value of ICOs

16th April 2018

In 2017 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) became the hottest new tool for startups, and transitioned from being a relatively unknown fundraising method used in the blockchain community, to raising over $4bn by the end of the year. Just like Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, ICOs let entrepreneurs take their business plans directly to non-accredited (any...
How banks should monitor suspicious shipping activity

9th April 2018

A number of news stories in 2017 detailed the radical methods being employed to evade sanctions controls, for example, through the transfer of commodities from ship-to-ship in international waters to avoid a vessel entering a sanctioned territory. This trend appears to have continued into 2018, with a recent case emerging in which a ship-to-ship...