GBST is a specialist financial technology company providing administration and transaction processing software for retail wealth management organisations and global and regional investment banks. Founded in 1983, we operate in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Company Insights

Automation tipping point for financial transaction taxes arrives

14th September 2020

Financial transaction taxes (FTT), a levy on financial transactions such as the purchase or sale of financial instruments, have been on the radar of capital markets firms for over a decade. The 2008 global financial crisis created political pressure to ensure that the financial sector contributed fairly to the costs of the crisis. As a result,...
Three ways technology can reduce cost per trade

3rd August 2020

Capital markets firms are under pressure to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, particularly as the world deals with the pandemic. A key metric of efficiency in our industry is cost per trade – but how much are firms actively controlling it? A recent industry survey showed that 81 percent of brokers and banks think it is...
Embracing mobile tools can fuel business growth

6th October 2016

Research earlier this year by US research firm Aite Group for Pershing found that digitally-enabled adviser practices grew assets more quickly than traditional practices over the last twelve months.  The survey, of just over 400 US-based financial adviser practices, found that over 90% of digitally enabled advisers increased their assets...
Watching the Web: Improving Data Analysis & Dissemination in Investment Banking

24th February 2015

The banking sector is often a leader in cutting-edge IT. SWIFT established a global financial messaging standard.  High-frequency trading has encouraged technology vendors to keep pushing the limits of their hardware and software. Occasionally, though, our industry trails behind the technological advances we see elsewhere. Since security and...