Company Insights

Automation reconciliation services are coming on leaps and bounds

9th June 2020

For many, their reconciliation software has become part of the office furniture – sat in the corner, not upgraded or even reviewed in years. But there is a growing shift toward updating or introducing new reconciliation solutions that are service-based, standard-driven and highly focused on automation, according to Richard Chapman, vice...
How DLT can be used to achieve GDPR compliance

5th April 2018

Distributed Ledger Technology and the General Data Protection Regulation can be like in-laws. The former, complex, the latter for many, downright scary. But together they can become the perfect parents, the foundation for next-generation data management and financial services. The need to demonstrate secure data storage and consented data...
In the age of customisation, why are banks still generalising?

6th September 2017

Anthony Jabbour - Chief Operating Officer, Banking and Payments, FIS Know thy customer, as the old adage goes, is an imperative for legacy banks today. At a time when consumers have so much choice, traditional banks are struggling to engage customers with new offers - especially by mail. In fact, some banks have been doing it wrong...
Robots v regulators: Digitalisation in fund management

24th April 2017

Tony Warren, Executive Vice President, FIS Fund administrators face a rapidly evolving ecosystem in which fee pressure, cost constraints and a volatile regulatory environment pose significant challenges to business as usual. In addition to this, the robots are coming. However, many businesses are realising that the robots are largely benevolent;...
Trading places: How automation technology is changing the trading floor

6th March 2017

Bob Santella, Head of Global Trading’, Institutional & Wholesale, FIS The cash equities trading desks at large banking firms were once manned by hoards of staff. But increasingly this is becoming less so. Within this, there is a telling story that highlights the extent to which technology is fundamentally altering the face of trading...
Reconciliation Utilities: A Taste Of The Future, or an Aftertaste from the Past

21st September 2016

When I think about the concept of a reconciliation utility, my mind turns to pouring Guinness. Not just because, like reconciliations, it’s much harder to do properly than most people think, but also because trying to provide a large quantity of pints to a broad number of eager recipients, in many ways, highlights the challenges of a modern...
Corporate Actions 2.0: Don’t get left behind

18th September 2015

How are the most successful financial services firms managing in this fast-paced environment of constant change to avoid getting left behind? For one thing, they are embracing new technologies and innovation. Among these technology advancements are the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) transformation to ISO-based messages,...
Four Things You Need to Know About MiFID II

6th January 2015

According to a survey conducted by SunGard at Sibos 2014, nearly half of the 130 people polled (47 percent) reported that increased risk and regulations will have the largest impact on how companies conduct business today. One set of regulations that is affecting everyone from small retail investors to tier 1 exchanges is the European...
Risk and Reward in Financial Services

24th September 2014

One person’s risk is another person’s reward. A trite phrase, to be sure, though the sentiment is far subtler. Conditional evaluations such as “risk,” or “good” and “bad,” are subjective judgments, which have long been the bane of IT and computing systems. The programs, algorithms, reports and systems...
SA-CCR-ebleu! Basel finalises new Standardised Approach for measuring Counterparty Credit Risk Exposures

27th May 2014

On 31 March 2014 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published a final paper mandating a new standardised (non-internal models) calculation of counterparty exposure at default (EAD) that feeds into the overall Basel capital adequacy framework. This gives regard to the feedback received from respondents (including SunGard) to the BCBS...