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Company Insights

Cash optimization with multi-currency and virtual accounts

11th December 2018

In today’s global marketplace, treasurers face the increasingly complex task of managing a corporation’s liquidity. As multinationals expand their overseas operations, more and more bank accounts are being opened for different geographic regions, currencies, and business needs. With so many accounts, bank account structuring and...
Implementing a netting solution

21st November 2018

Multinational corporations are familiar with some of the obstacles involved with intercompany commerce. Foreign exchange risk, transaction quantities, and stagnant payment approvals can be expensive. In the realm of treasury management systems, a netting system can be the perfect solution. The following 2-part series will cover the basics of a...
How technology is making bank fee analysis more efficient

19th November 2018

Bank fee analysis remains a topic that is mundane yet extremely vital for treasurers. Essentially, bank fee analysis involves taking a meticulous look at your current and future fee structure from the relationships you have with banks and attempting to mitigate fees where possible. Traditionally, it was executed manually by generating reports and...
Optimizing cash management with a virtual account structure

7th March 2018

Bank account structure is a key aspect of treasury management but it is also one of the most complex to understand and implement for a treasurer. There are a range of options and trade-offs that a treasurer must consider; a corporate can establish a one-to-one account-to-business unit (BU) account structure at one extreme, or have only one account...
The Digital Fortress: Fortifying Your Treasury

19th January 2018

We have been witness to a series of significant security events recently around payment execution, from Leoni in Germany through to ABB in South Korea and SWIFT in Bangladesh to name a few of the major headlines. There have been countless unreported, lower profile fraud cases in other organisations, both successful and attempted. These events are...
Overcoming global transaction banking challenges

20th November 2017

Sebastian Niemeyer, Head of BELLIN GTB Services As companies work to grow their businesses, many turn their attention to opportunities overseas. However, international expansion is not without its challenges – particularly where corporate treasury is concerned. While companies need to put appropriate banking structures in place in order...