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Company Insights

Public cloud adoption in financial services – challenges and opportunities

20th July 2017

Every day companies around the world are finding new and innovative ways of exploiting public cloud technologies. The overall growth of cloud adoption continues to increase at double digit rates, and public cloud providers are facilitating unprecedented levels of innovation, agility, insight, and cost reduction. At the heart of their offering...
Mutualisation and the benefits of implementing managed services for FX

10th July 2017

Regulation is tightening within the banking industry and with the advance of technology, it is becoming more and more challenging for firms to retain acceptable profit margins within their foreign exchange (FX) business. Over the past decade we have seen many firms off-shoring and outsourcing their operations business to reduce costs in order to...
Delivering regulatory change management

25th July 2016

If there is one thing we can predict with 100% certainty, it’s that the burden of regulatory compliance will continue to increase over the course of the next few years. Although most commentators agree that all regulation has a worthy aim, achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance has significantly increased the cost of doing business. ...
Triparty Facilities for OTC Collateral Management

27th April 2016

For large institutions, the process of gauging whether they need to be complicit with BCBS / IOSCO 261 has started. Other firms need to prepare to meet the demands of collateral velocity and efficiency which will be required to meet the new regulation, something that cannot be done effectively or cheaply with manual processes. With this in mind, I...
The MiFID II Conundrum

1st March 2016

It would be understandable if many firms decided to crack open the champagne in celebration of the decision to delay the implementation date of MiFID II by 12 months. MiFID II is an enormous regulation and one of the biggest and most wide-ranging regulatory changes to have taken place in recent years. The delay is welcome, but it would be a...
BCBS239 - the behemoth lumbers on

20th May 2015

With less than a year to go before the January 2016 deadline, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s latest report reveals that banks are still struggling to comply with the Principles of the BCBS239 regulation. The report published in January 2015 represents the capabilities and progress of the 31 G-SIBs (global systemically...
Crunch Time – CDOs in the spotlight

22nd January 2015

During the past 18 months there has been a mind-set shift within the investment banking community. Job titles are changing, the front office’s influence over decision-making is ceding as the power of the regulator rises. The result has been that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have now been elevated to key positions of responsibility. With...
Facing the reality of big data

22nd August 2014

In recent months, I have been speaking with several banks about how to employ big data technologies to solve real world business problems. Then, last month, I attended and presented at the Big Data & Analytics in Financial Services conference in London where I was able to speak with a wide variety of banks, product vendors, and service...