Euromoney TRADEDATA provides an aggregation service for the global exchange traded derivatives and are specialists and innovators in the futures and options market,

Company Insights

In pursuit of trade processing perfection

20th March 2020

Reference data has been on a journey for many years. A decade ago, in the reconciliation-based world of post-trade, tolerated levels of inaccuracy were high single digit percentages and in some cases beyond. The financial crisis highlighted just how risk sensitive reference data had become in trading operations, internally and between...
It’s a bot’s life

16th September 2019

The LED flickered then glowed, casting its green shadow onto the dust of the worn printed circuit board, known simply as Motherboard. A feint click had preceded the awakening of the power supply, summoned from standby and the temperature began to rise in the system unit. The stamped foil asset label on the casing, smudged on one upturned corner,...
The UIs have it

28th January 2019

Ever since early cave dwellers painted a visualisation of the world around them, humans have had a fundamental need to socialise and communicate with others, to transfer a common understanding of states past, present and future between them. Body language and the spoken word were the early protocols to achieve that transfer and understanding,...
Lessons from Terminator: Who do we trust to set the AI standards?

26th November 2018

Mention the words artificial intelligence or machine learning and what uncontrollably springs to mind is the fictional endoskeletal, red-eyed Terminator of the same film franchise, followed closely by its fictional creator, SkyNet, the neural communication network that became self-aware. Not your typical response to new technologies, both of...
The rise and rise of APIs

24th September 2018

Much has been written about the role of application programmable interfaces or APIs, which are in ubiquitous use these days, although mention APIs to experienced technology professionals and you get raised eyebrows and shaking of heads in unison, decrying API novelty with a diatribe evidencing long term prior use. In simple terms, APIs...
New dog, old tricks: data management in the cloud

16th July 2018

Every cloud has a silver lining, at least that's what our elders drummed into us, an early example of expectation management and how to deal with life's challenges. Other teaching proxies included looking after the family dog, a somewhat more practical and physical learning experience, involving across the board responsibilities of duty of...
Best of both worlds: Utility or futility as fintech advances?

21st May 2018

The dictionary entry for the word Utility defines it as a 'the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial', but delivering all three in financial markets in a mutual, single proposition, is a challenge. It is also the root cause holding back the industry from a big bang change to using utility services. So why is the industry...
The data forensics of regulatory investigation

19th March 2018

From our armchair viewing, we are all used to the themes of the more popular forensic TV series applying science with creative thinking processes, sometimes being out of the box, to arrive at a high confidence level conclusion of whodunnit, but are there any parallels with financial regulatory investigations? Well, at least we hope that no dead...
The countdown to MiFID II: Born on the 3rd Jan?

5th December 2017

As the peal of the 2018 New Year’s Day bells fade away, spare a thought for all those MiFIDians, for whom the seasonal break was shorter than usual, or was a welcome respite before the oncoming storm on 3rd January go-live, a date itself tempestuously debated by the industry. Following a year’s reprieve, has the industry spent its time...
Aiis to the Right: Down but not out after MiFID II

7th November 2017

Reg data transformation and history Down… Despite the majority of the industry’s practitioners’ opinion that the proven Aii is being replaced with the somewhat inferior ISIN symbology, MIFID II regulations have mandated ISIN use for all markets, including those existing that use the Alternative Instrument Identifier...