Path Solutions

A Fintech digital solution provider serving 140+ Islamic FI across 40 countries with a comprehensive set of services that brings unique convergence of domain & technology. A global leader in AAOIFI-certified financial software along with development/implementation, consulting, support, training, & outsourcing services.

Company Insights

Q&A: CEO of Path Solutions on banking and the changing fintech ecosystem

29th May 2019

Payments markets are changing drastically, forced by the hand of national and regional regulators as well as a technological advances driving at an incredible pace. Banks and other financial institutions are sitting up to take note. Here, bobsguide speaks with Mohammed Kateeb, group chairman and CEO of Path Solutions – a firm that featured...
Prohibitions in the Islamic financial system

3rd April 2019

In general, the Islamic Sharia has constantly sought to achieve fairness, trust and transparency in all financial and business transactions while emphasizing socio-economic development and financial inclusion. In this short piece, I will attempt to outline the main features of Islamic finance and Sharia-approved investments, as well as the...
Why Islamic banks must commit to digitalization

4th May 2017

The sudden outburst of new technologies has brought about many changes to the way traditional banking has operated. One main change is the rise of branchless banking services which has brought forward completely new propositions encompassing not only new and improved services, but also serves a more technologically-savvy...
Islamic Finance vs Ethical Finance

29th October 2015

In the world of global international finance, Islamic finance is not a significant force, but its role in the Muslim world and its influence worldwide are potentially large. The modern revival of Islamic finance came to respond to the unmet need for a form of finance that Muslims could trust, and which was in accordance with their ethical and moral...
Sharia-compliant banking systems on the upswing

19th January 2015

Economies worldwide are making a global transformation, in which the information technology industry assumes increasingly greater importance. Indeed, technology is evolving in amazingly rapid speeds. The awe-inspiring advances that drive the technology industry forward have dominated several study topics, for they have taken productivity upwards. ...
IT in Islamic Banking – A Comparative Analysis

23rd April 2014

Islamic banking is gaining momentum in traditional as well as in non-traditional markets and the industry is likely to maintain the current trajectory in foreseeable future. In many regions, Islamic banking has evolved from being an emerging ethical niche market into being part of the mainstream financial services landscape. According to a 2012...