Comarch Finance

Comarch delivers state-of-the-art IT solutions for the finance sector including banks, insurers, asset management companies, pension funds, etc.

Company Events

Comarch at Gran Congreso, Bogota, Colombia

20th August 2019 - 21st August 2019

Finance experts from all over the world will gather in Bogota, Colombia to discuss the possibilities and challenges in the capital markets area. Comarch, a company with 26 years of experience and thousands of successful projects done with the biggest international companies, is honored to be the sponsor of the event. The company offers an...
Comarch at 9th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit, Dubai

3rd September 2019 - 4th September 2019

Middle East is perceived to be perspective business destinations and one of the fastest developing market in the financial sector. On the top of that overall digitalization accelerates development even more.  Therefore 9th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit 2019 is a great occasion for innovative business representatives to meet at...
Free webinar with SME Banking Club

29th April 2020

Today, society is facing unprecedented situation. Self-isolation has already made a huge impact on banking industry. Customers who used to contact their bank through branches needed to change their habits. In the same time banks needed to adjust really quick by moving their business into the online channels. During the webinar experts will talk...
TechCity Connect 2020 - a day of tech, art and culture online

6th May 2020

  Everything is possible due to the rapid digitalization process we are now facing.  This is also the main subject of the virtual event Comarch is happy to invite you to.    "TechCity Connect – a day of tech, art and culture online" will take place on May 6, 2020.   The event will consist of webinars,...
FREE INVITATION to Virtual Non-Financial Risk Summit

22nd June 2020 - 26th June 2020

The pace of change in the cyber security industry needs to accelerate. We must not let hackers outsmart us. We must keep up. If your calendar is not yet booked for June 22-26, there's a virtual event where the latest industry trends are going to be discussed in detail: the Virtual Non-Financial Risk Summit. Organized by the Center for Financial...
Free webinar on #AI to serve #AML processes

24th June 2020

 Free webinar "Leveraging AI to more effectively combat money laundering and the financing of criminal organizations" Every year, billions of dollars are laundered through the financial system unbeknownst to the financial institutions that are tasked to stop it. Unlike banks, fraudsters continue to utilize the latest technologies to...