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Broadridge - a global company with $4 billion in revenue - is a leading provider of technology and operations, communications, and data and analytics to financial services firms and corporations.

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The Growing Need to Invest in Derivatives Post-Trade

1st December 2020

Download this new global market study to learn more about the drivers for investing in post-trade technology and understand the pinch points in current derivatives operations, and the future outlook of the post-trade landscape.
Whitepaper: Pathways to Operations Control Value

21st August 2020

With increasing regulatory and market pressures in the capital markets industry, executives need access to accurate, enterprise-wide data for insightful decision-making. However, most firms find they spend too much time and too many resources collecting and reconciling data, and not enough time analyzing data to improve operations and mitigate...
Assess Your Firm’s Readiness for AI

21st October 2019

Answer these 14 questions to reveal your AI readiness score. There is a great deal of interest and investment in AI, but a lack of live production systems. Do you have a clear corporate strategy and the basic building blocks to facilitate successful AI adoption? Answer these 14 questions to find out your AI Readiness score and get suggestions for...
Future of Operations: Finding a Home for Fintech

17th July 2019

When it comes to new technology, it appears that the operations functions of asset management firms are often dipping their toes in the water, rather than taking the plunge. Advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have the potential to further...
Whitepaper: Shareholder Rights Directive

28th February 2019

The Shareholder Rights Directive must be transposed into EU member state national law by 3rd Sept 2020, requiring custodians and intermediaries to adhere to more stringent processing deadlines and mandatory processes such as shareholder identification. ‘Shareholder Rights Directive: Everything You Need to Know’ highlights the opportunity the...
Whitepaper: Future of Operations: Simplify, Innovate, Transform

24th January 2019

The pain of the global financial crisis, and the subsequent regulations, is starting to fade from view. The asset management industry is now at a crucial juncture, facing new challenges that will transform the business. In active management, the industry has created more complex products to generate alpha, while the growth of passive management,...
Whitepaper: The Hidden Challenges of Performance Based Fee Models

23rd January 2019

Active managers are challenging the industry’s most fundamental pricing principle: the traditional, flat-rate management fee. Firms with complex fee structures need a highly sophisticated billing and expense management system to calculate variable fees, and report on them to clients and regulators. Firms can no longer rely on spreadsheets, models...
From Bots to Products: Transforming Capital Markets with Artificial Intelligence

23rd May 2018

Join Broadridge to hear how capital markets firms are transforming with AI. Our panel of industry leaders from financial institutions, analyst firms, and fintech providers will share their perspectives on the AI market landscape, including where we are today, challenges and opportunities for banks, and what they are doing to take “Bots to...
Whitepaper: the Consolidated Audit Trail

7th February 2018

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) is the latest effort to increase the transparency of capital markets trading while ensuring competition and fair customer treatment. Similar to many other regulatory efforts, the CAT involves shifting timelines and large changes in technology, operations, and...
Broadridge Asset Management Solutions Video Overview

13th December 2017

The future holds amazing opportunities for those equipped to adapt to changing investor preferences, regulatory needs and low returns. See how asset managers can unlock greater potential and engage customers in new ways