R3 is an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation. We deliver purpose-built distributed ledger technology for all types of businesses. Corda is transforming entire industries by digitalizing the processes and systems that firms rely on to connect and transact with each other.

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CBDC Research Overview & Conceptual Model

8th April 2021

This latest report from R3 provides a map for contextualizing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Working Group's research findings, and highlights considerations relevant to the issuance, governance and facilitation of a CBDC.
DTCC Digitalization in Action – Automation of the Asset Lifecycle with Corda

1st April 2021

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is an industry-owned, industry-governed post-trade infrastructure provider that develops solutions to support market growth and the security of the global financial system. At CordaCon 2020, DTCC discussed its digitization strategy – which includes interfacing and collaborating with a variety...
TBML's unsolvable problem?

25th March 2021

Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) continues to increase year over year. In this blog post, R3 explores how emerging technologies like blockchain and confidential computing are conquering the data collection issue that fuels TBML.
Discover the Power of Enterprise Blockchain

18th March 2021

Discover why Corda is the trusted blockchain platform for business and read how businesses have leveraged it to unlock trapped potential and turn risk into opportunity.
Collaborative Combat: Multi-party Solutions for Trade-based Money Laundering

11th March 2021

This white paper is for bank compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) practitioners, financial crime software providers, and regulators who want to explore collaborative approaches and technologies in the battle against Trade-based Money Laundering. It includes practical examples and case studies that aim to “show, not tell” how blockchain...
Central Bank Digital Currency: an innovation in payments

4th March 2021

Central Banks are starting to think seriously about issuing their own digital currencies, both to wholesale networks of banks, along with corporates, FinTechs and the general public. The resulting flood of excitement is beginning to activate a diverse group of participants across the payments ecosystem. This paper explores a range of proposed...
Enterprise Blockchain Now: When to Jump and Where to Push

18th February 2021

A new report from research firm IDC and R3 identifies opportunities for software firms to use blockchain and digital assets to address rising customer demand for digital transformation. 
R3 launches confidential computing platform 'Conclave'

11th February 2021

Global enterprise software firm R3 has launched Conclave, a confidential computing platform that secures sensitive business data while it’s being used.
Gartner 2020 Blockchain Platform Report

11th February 2021

Gartner’s analysis of over 1000 blockchain projects highlights how business buy-in and the use of core distributed ledger capabilities has been key to driving focused solutions to production in 2020.
Build multi-party solutions to accelerate innovation

21st January 2021

In today’s digital world there is a growing demand for software vendors to capitalize on the latest technology and pass along innovation to their customers. In this eGuide R3 explores key opportunities for software vendors to build applications that solve significant business challenges and operational inefficiencies in the way the world...