iProov offers biometric genuine presence assurance technology for organizations that require indisputable proof of identity to deliver secure services remotely. Applications such as ID verification, border control, onboarding, and access control all benefit from iProov’s innovative biometric authentication process.

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Face recognition vs face verification: what’s the difference?

10th August 2020

Face recognition and face verification are often lumped together and used interchangeably to mean the same thing. But the truth is that the two technologies and the purpose of their use are completely different and need to be considered separately. Questions about the ethics of facial recognition for surveillance, and the call for clarity and...
Top 5 Considerations for Online Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

22nd July 2020

Online banking continues to grow. According to the latest EY Global FinTech Adoption Index, 71% of UK consumers and 46% of US consumers had used at least two digital financial services in 2019, up from 14% and 17% respectively in 2015. Savings, payments, borrowing and budgeting are all moving online. The challenge for financial institutions is...
iProov to provide biometric technology to challenger bank Knab, part of AEGON

6th July 2020

iProov technology is to be deployed by Dutch challenger bank Knab, to provide an effortless online biometric experience to its nearly 500,000 customers. Knab customers can effortlessly authenticate themselves for a growing range of sensitive transactions using iProov’s patented Flashmark technology. The partnership with the online-only bank,...
Strong and inclusive customer authentication

26th June 2020

Two of the most significant requirements for the effective delivery of digital services to citizens or customers, are the establishment of secure trust and multi-channel availability for maximum inclusion. iProov offers Genuine Presence Assurance on fixed kiosks, which can be situated in unsupervised or semi-supervised locations. iProov for...
iProov Web: Biometric Authentication on Web Browser

17th April 2020

We’re very pleased to announce that iProov is bringing Genuine Presence Assurance to the web browser, with the launch of iProov Web. Watch our 12 minute webcast to learn more. iProov Web now extends effortless genuine presence assurance to web browsers, allowing users to “iProov” themselves on laptop and desktop computers, tablets, and...
Improve know your customer onboarding experience and completion rates

7th April 2020

Financial institutions need to quickly and accurately verify the identity of a new customer remotely, while providing a positive experience. Remote onboarding requires appropriate security measures to be in place, which defend against attacks like simple impersonation through to evolving, large scale, high velocity spoof attacks. iProov enables...
Building Trust in a Digital World

6th April 2020

To gain access to services online, users need to assert their identity. Without a face-to-face interaction institutions have a significant challenge in authenticating remote users. iProov authenticates a users’ digital identity onto a trusted digital identity platform (with exceptional security credentials) via an effortless face or palm...
FCA coronavirus letter explained: remotely onboarding customers, not criminals.

2nd April 2020

The UK Financial Conduct Authority issued a letter to the CEOs of UK regulated financial institutions providing guidance on how to navigate the challenges of coronavirus. This has been interpreted by some national newspapers to mean that identity checks can be done with selfies. This is not true. Identity checks completed via selfie are an open...
iProov Demonstration at Finovate 2020 Winning Best In Show

13th March 2020

Financial Institutions and governments worldwide rely on iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance to authenticate users online, with zero effort and unrivalled security. In 2018 & 2019, iProov won Best of Show for our patented face and palm authentication, on users’ own devices. Now the range of iProov’s applications is expanding into new use...
Enable customers or citizens to effortlessly assert their identity online

5th March 2020

iProov provides seamless and secure biometric authentication that are effortless, accessible and very easy to use. iProov’s patented Flashmark technology provides a “one-time biometric” – a user’s face or palm is illuminated with a unique sequence of colours to accurately & quickly establish that the user is the Right Person, Real Person...