Planixs is the leader in cloud-based treasury solutions that deliver cash, collateral and liquidity management capabilities to leading financial institutions. Realiti from Planixs is a complete suite of modules built to deliver instantaneous insight over vast data volumes across funding, liquidity, compliance and risk.

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Free eBook: The Benefits of Real-Time Intraday Liquidity Management

2nd February 2021

Banks and financial institutions influenced by intraday liquidity regulations have an opportunity to build a stronger, competitive position by improving their current liquidity management processes. Mastering Intraday Liquidity Management (ILM) offers benefits beyond compliance. Enhanced performance and operations, along with improved risk...
The Post-Pandemic Treasury Function – Preparing for the New Normal

2nd February 2021

The treasury function has undergone a significant transformation as a result of COVID-19. Actions taken by governments and businesses around the world have changed liquidity positions and funding capabilities of many firms and created new challenges and priorities for banks. Working with our partner, Infor, we address the recent and current market...
Real-time Control and Regulatory Compliance over Cash, Collateral and Liquidity.

2nd February 2021

Do you want to manage your treasury function in real-time? Download an overview of our Realiti software and learn how you can gain real-time insight, control and regulatory compliance over cash, collateral and liquidity. Why Realiti? - Gain true, real-time intraday control - Cost-savings on intraday liquidity buffers - Ensure regulatory...
Webinar Series: Coping with the Covid-19 Crisis and Preparing for the Next One

3rd June 2020

We are producing an on-demand discussion series for treasury professionals addressing the current market conditions amid the Covid-19 crisis and providing insight into how the treasury world will look as we emerge from the pandemic. This series features industry thought-leaders and experts, with a wealth of experience in the banking and treasury...