The ID Co.

The ID Co.helps businesses like lenders to onboard their customers by removing friction caused during the application process by the current challenges of risk, compliance, fraud, and regulation. A global Scotland-based Fintech, The ID Co. has been pioneering the use of bank data and Open Banking since 2011.

Company Resources

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High-cost Short-term Lending Analysis Report

4th November 2019

A purpose built report for lenders that gives your underwriters access to real time transactional data. Using our HCST lending report you instantly get all the information your underwriters need to make totally informed decisions.
The Future Of Lending Podcast

23rd October 2019

Welcome to The Future Of Lending podcast. This podcast is a series brought to you by the LSB (Lending Standards Board) and The ID Co., a FinTech based in Scotland. In this series, we look to answer some of the main questions facing the financial services sector, specifically to do with lending and financial technology.
Direct ID - Categories & Classifications

24th July 2019

DirectID’s Categories & Classifications engine allows for direct access to an individual's current account. DirectID uses state of the art cloud-based Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics algorithms to obtain deeper insights from transaction data than ever before. This enables next generation financial services providers and existing lenders...
DirectID - Income Verification

24th July 2019

DirectID Income Verification is a digital solution for applicant assessment across a range of sectors. The next generation model goes beyond models of the past, using real-time bank data and six unique algorithms to truly understand an individual’s income.
DirectID - Insights

24th July 2019

DirectID Insights is an online decisioning tool for use by Underwriters, Fraud Analysts and Credit Risk Officers. It drastically reduces operational costs for small and large businesses, and provides all the necessary information lenders need to grant or deny a loan application.
DirectID - Data

24th July 2019

DirectID Data is a bank data service with Open API capabilities that helps businesses make more informed affordability assessments, increase operational efficiency, boost conversion and reduce fraud.
DirectID - The Platform

24th July 2019

The DirectID platform gives you everything you need to start accessing, understanding, and using bank data to unleash your business potential. Our end to end bank data platform enables any business to quickly connect directly to customer data, and either consume that data via an API, or unlock its potential with our incredible financial insight...
Affordability - A Practical Guide for Lenders

8th July 2019

In this eBook, The ID Co. guide lenders in what is required in assessing affordability. Traditionally this has been done using CRAs. But is there a more efficient way of understanding an applicants suitability for a product? We discuss whether the use of Open Banking and bank data can provide all the information a lender requires.