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CaseWare Analytics is home to CaseWare Monitor, a continuous controls monitoring platform. Our software enables compliance professionals to assess risk, gather evidence, uncover trends, identify issues and .provide the information to make informed decisions, ensure compliance and avoid damages.

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Stopping financial crime with machine learning and AI

12th March 2018

CasWare Analytics Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Simpson, discusses how to stop financial crimes with MachineLearning and AI during a recent interview with The Telegraph.
Simple steps to grow your P-Card program and build compliance

11th August 2017

In this webinar, presenter Mike Caluori, Analytics & Data Science Delivery Manager, will use real-world examples to illustrate how organizations have stopped relying on sampling in favour of continuous controls monitoring to ensure that P-Card transactions follow company policies.
Reduce time screening Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

11th August 2017

Learn practical examples of how Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists along with continuous monitoring software can be used as part of an AML program to segment users into high-, medium- and low-risk groups as well as how to reduce risks.
goAML Regulatory Reporting Now Available in CaseWare AML Compliance

11th August 2017

CaseWare Analytics latest AML Compliance solution release enables financial institutions to meet regulatory reporting requirements easily while reducing the cost of compliance.
eBook: A snapshot of the key elements of an AML compliance program

11th August 2017

In this eBook, we will discuss the challenges MSBs face when it comes to AML compliance, how their situation differs from banks, and the analytic tests every MSB should have within their AML compliance technology.
Essential components of an AML program for MSBs

13th June 2017

This guide offers MSBs insights into the current market and regulatory landscape, and how to overcome challenges specific to them in order to build a comprehensive and effective AML compliance program supported by an advanced technology solution.
E-Book: How to avoid abuse, misuse and fraud in your T&E and P-Card programs

8th May 2017

From air travel to meals to ride-sharing services, continuously monitoring corporate card expenses are extremely difficult, especially for companies that rely on spreadsheets, emails and paper receipts. Though companies that use corporate cards (P-Cards) and expense management systems have an advantage, there are still significant inherent risks...
3 Key Processes to Save Your Correspondent Banking Relationships

23rd January 2017

With financial regulations increasing globally and institutions facing jawdropping penalties for non-compliance, fulfilling regulatory requirements is challenging and costly. For banks with correspondent banking relationships (CBRs)—that is, institutions that conduct financial transactions on behalf of respondent banks—maintaining regulatory...
7 Steps to take your Concur expense management to the next level

9th January 2017

CaseWare Analytics has partnered with Concur to create a connector that integrates T&E expense, P-Card data from Concur with other business data within CaseWare Monitor. Monitor analyzes this data for potential anomalies, helping companies detect exceptions and enabling resolution and compliance. In this whitepaper we will walk you through the...