GridGain Systems

GridGain offers enterprise-grade in-memory computing solutions used by global financial enterprises. GridGain solutions connect data stores (SQL, NoSQL, and Apache Hadoop) with cloud-scale applications for high volume ACID transactions, real-time SQL-based analytics and hybrid transactional/analytical processing.

Company Resources

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In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook: Part 3

7th December 2017

Large companies accumulating massive amounts of data need to be able to perform analytics on that data in real time in a cost-conscious manner to ensure a good user experience. In this eBook, Part 3 of the In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook Series, discusses how financial service firms are using in-memory computing platforms such as...
Empowering Insurance Companies with In-Memory Computing

17th November 2017

As insurance providers seek to stand out in an increasingly crowded field, technology is a crucial part of maintaining a competitive edge. With consumers expecting instant turnaround on quotes, underwriting, and claims processing, successful providers must process transactions in real-time. In this new whitepaper from GridGain Systems, we...
In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook: Part 2

23rd October 2017

In this new eBook from GridGain Systems, you will learn how in-memory computing platforms such as Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain can help financial services firms leverage in-memory computing to: - Modernize Payments Systems - Leverage The Internet of Things (IoT) - Enable Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook: Part 1

19th September 2017

In this new eBook from GridGain Systems, you will learn how financial services companies are using in-memory computing platforms as a key technology for increasing processing speeds by 1,000x and scaling out to manage petabyte-scale datasets in-memory for applications including: - High-Frequency Trading - Fraud Prevention - Real-Time Regulatory...
In-Memory Computing: Now and Tomorrow

25th August 2017

In this new white paper from GridGain Systems, you will learn how in-memory computing platforms such as Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain address: -In-memory computing use cases which are driven by digital transformation -The demands of IoT and machine learning for real-time processing -The challenges of petabyte-scale in-memory computing...
Boosting Performance of Financial IOT Projects

19th July 2017

The financial services industry is already embracing the Internet of Things (IOT), using devices to collect data that needs to be analyzed in real time and stored for historical analysis. The platform for all this data collection, storage, and analysis must have several winning characteristics, including high availability, streaming data collection...
Choosing the Right In-Memory Computing Solution

16th June 2017

As in-memory computing (IMC) gains momentum across a wide range of applications many firms are looking to IMC solutions to process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. However, the variety of IMC product categories and solutions can be confusing. In this new whitepaper from GridGain, you learn: • How IMC makes sense for today’s...
Modernize and Accelerate Payment Solutions with In-Memory Computing

2nd June 2017

The shift to digital payments is not without challenges. Customers demand real-time transactions and the highest levels of reliability. Your payment solution should scale capacity ahead of demand and employ sophisticated analytics to help prevent fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and identify actionable insights from your data. This white...
Empowering Fintech with In-Memory Computing

11th May 2017

Banks and financial firms want and need it all: speed, high availability, security, scalability, and flexibility. FinTech developers have many of the answers for this competitive market, not just for the banks but also for themselves as they attract their own consumers with competitive services. This paper shows you how in-memory computing forms...
The GridGain In-Memory Data Grid: What It Is, Why It Is Different

27th April 2017

With the cost of system memory dropping 30% every 12 months, in-memory computing (IMC) has become the 1st choice for a variety of workloads in the finance industry. IMC can provide a lower TCO for data processing systems, providing unparalleled performance advantage. But, IMC Solution choices are confusing. This paper provides an overview of IMC...