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Fides, the global leader in multibank connectivity and transaction communications, enables corporates to connect to any bank, in any region, through any channel. Whether you are using a TMS, ERP, the Fides Multibanking Suite, or any combination, Fides is the only connectivity platform you need.

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Fides Conversion Services

18th February 2021

Sending and receiving payments involves disparate exchange protocols and messaging formats. Even XML ISO 20022 is not a global standard. Each country, and each bank, can have its own requirements, and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Fides assures that clients’ payment and messaging activity are accurate and reliable.
Fides Multibanking Ecosystem

11th February 2021

The Fides multibanking ecosystem allows us to offer a wide range of partner solutions that extend the value of our Multibanking Suite. Our goal is to provide a single platform where corporate treasurers, treasury analysts, cash managers, and CFOs can access all the tools needed for managing day-to-day responsibilities — in short, a one-stop shop...
Fides-Hästens success story

3rd September 2020

Centralizing data to streamline reconciliation, reporting, and cash visibility: Swedish manufacturer Hästens uses Fides to automatically aggregate all the information from its various banks to get the cash visibility needed for accurate reporting and cashflow forecasting.
Improving visibility through centralization [Fides-Millicom success story]

10th August 2020

Fides works with all of Millicom’s banks, across all connectivity networks and channels, delivering centralized access and the visibility into global transactions that the cable and mobile services provider needs.
Increasing global cash visibility and reducing risk [Fides-UPS success story]

15th July 2020

UPS leverages the Reval TMS and multi-banking solutions from Fides to achieve close to real-time cash visibility, strengthen cash positioning, and streamline global bank messaging and payments processing.
Fides Overview Brochure: Multi-Bank Communications and Transaction Excellence

2nd July 2020

Fides exists to help you reach further and connect faster. We exist to simplify the resource-draining activities associated with bank communications and transaction aggregation. Our solutions enable corporate treasury and finance teams globally to expand their reach and communicate broadly. We believe that putting our clients first is the only way...
Fides Multibanking Suite - Your Central Platform for Global Bank Management

18th June 2020

Centralize your bank accounts and make payments to anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, through an intuitive web interface. The modular Fides Multibanking Suite gives you complete visibility into and control over your banking connections and transactions, with secure access from any location. Administration and approvals are controlled...
Strategic Treasurer Treasury Aggregators Analyst Report 2019

16th June 2020

This special report from Strategic Treasurer will help readers understand what a treasury aggregator (also known as a multibank connectivity provider) is, explain the business case for TAs, identify best practices for selecting and implementing a treasury aggregator solution and integrating it with your backend systems, and provide a review of...
Fides Hybrid Service Bureau Model - Simplify Multibanking Connectivity

16th June 2020

The Fides Hybrid Model is a unique multi-network, dual-BIC service option that helps corporates overcome gaps in the SWIFT SCORE readiness of their banks. With Fides, corporate treasury teams can optimize and quickly expand their banking reach, with the added ability to integrate with third-party ERP, TMS, and other backend systems.
Fides Validation Services for Payment and Messaging Continuity

16th June 2020

With a proprietary toolkit of validation, file conversion, and sanction filtering capabilities, Fides assures that clients’ payment and messaging activity are accurate and reliable.