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A white paper examining the true potential of emerging ‘financial utilities’

21st June 2018

Saxo Payments Banking Circle, has launched a white paper examining the true potential of emerging ‘financial utilities’ for tier two and three banks and Financial Tech businesses. To obtain a copy of the white paper, ‘Reimagining global banking services in the connected digital marketplace’, please Click here
Rebundling the Bank | The Banker Masterclass Part Four

30th January 2018

How can financial utilities help banks to focus on customer-centric offerings? Driven by the push from regulators to increase competition in the financial industry, more niche solutions have emerged, resulting in banks unbundling their services and collaborating with financial technology companies to deliver non-core products.
Digital Transformation | The Banker Masterclass Part Three

30th January 2018

We look at the challenges facing small to mid-sized banks, who are at more risk of disruption, and the solution that utilities can offer in the cross border payments market; allowing them to offer these services at competitive rates without the need to invest resources outside of their domestic market.
Making Cross Border Payments More Efficient | The Banker Masterclass Part Two

30th January 2018

Traditionally slow and expensive as a result of legacy banking infrastructure, new entrants are beginning to move into this space, providing solutions for both B2C and B2B cross border payments.
State of Play in Financial Services | The Banker Masterclass Part One

30th January 2018

This video addresses how banks can drive forward innovation in financial services with utility banking - a concept whereby they adopt a network based approach. With regulation and digitisation cited as the two main drivers for change, banks, who have traditionally handled both the core banking side of the value chain and the customer relationship...
Reimagining global banking services in the connected digital marketplace

26th October 2017

In partnership with Burnmark, our white paper explores the challenges and opportunities faced by financial organisations in a global marketplace. The emergence of the financial utility is set to be a game changer; shaking up the way in which global businesses transact across borders.
An Internationally ‘Local’ Future

27th June 2017

Our white paper 'Cross Border Payments for Cross Border Merchants – An Internationally ‘Local’ Future' highlights the challenges faced by merchants and the potential impact of them being held back on the global economy as a result of the correspondent banking model.
FX White Paper - Missing The Opportunity

2nd March 2017

Our new white paper asks the question: ‘Are FX and Payments businesses missing out because they can’t support the international trading ambitions of their clients?’ Access to fast, low-cost FX rates is no longer the preserve of big, multinationals, as online trading opens the door to smaller businesses. However, our research shows that too...
Customer Insights: Tuxedo Money Solutions

12th September 2016

Banking Circle is collaborating with Tuxedo Money Solutions, the payments solutions provider, to deliver fast cross border transfers for its corporate client base. Find out how Banking CIrcle helps Tuxedo deliver a truly cross border payment solution to its clients.
Infographic - The Global B2B Payments Landscape

13th July 2016

The international B2B payments landscape is huge. Already estimated to be 10 times larger in transaction volume than the B2C market, there is clearly demand, but innovation in this niche has been slow. Our research shows that banks continue to dominate the market; despite them offering a service that is both slow and expensive. Banking Circle...