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How Banco BPI Became a Customer-Centric Bank Using OutSystems

8th February 2019

A backlog of apps to be built, a disconnected customer experience in need of transformation, a hot competition for disruption, and Banco BPI amidst it all. Join us February 26, at 12:00 p.m. ET | 05:00 p.m. GMT, as we sit down with Banco BPI Head of Digital Transformation Sergio Miguel Santos to discuss delivering a frictionless customer...
Real World Low-Code | See it In Action Fast - 5 Demos - 29 Minutes Each

4th February 2019

Let’s get real about what you can do with low-code. In this 5-part series, our talented Solution Architect team will be showcasing real-world examples of the power of OutSystems. • How to Create Amazing UX/UI with Low-Code • How to Build and Use APIs with Low-Code • Can Low-Code Handle Workflow and Complex Logic?...You Bet • How to...
The State of Banking & Financial Services Application Development Report

22nd January 2019

According to our research, two-thirds of banks and financial services firms have application development backlogs, and less than half say that the situation has improved since last year. If you feel like legacy gridlock, regulatory compliance, and security overheads are slowing the pace of digital innovation for your firm, you are not alone. Over...
Webinar How To Move Banking Experiences From Product-Centric To Customer-Centric

30th November 2018

How are you keeping up with rising banking customer expectations that are shaped by mobile experiences? And how are you addressing the perception that all banks are the same? It’s difficult when your focus is on products and outdated technology is holding you back. You know you need to modernize and change your thinking to win and retain...
How to Accelerate Brilliant Digital Experiences With Low-Code

2nd November 2018

Win the race for your customers’ hearts and minds, whatever the odds. Across numerous industries, enterprise giants are losing ground to more nimble competitors. It’s hard to innovate when you’re saddled with complexity, security, and compliance concerns. Nowhere is this more true than in the financial services and insurance sector, where...
How to Create a Customer Journey from Scratch

24th October 2018

The customer journey is at the center of any successful product, but first you have to find it. Luckily, we’ve mapped it out so you can uncover your end-user actions and intentions. Here are seven easy steps for building your customer journey map and delivering a great user experience.
Webinar: Overcoming the Barriers Holding You Back From Digital Transformation

19th October 2018

Over two-thirds of Global 2000 CEOs indicate that digital transformation is their #1 issue, but where do the issues arise and what can IT leaders do to overcome them? In this webcast, Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx and an expert on agile transformation, gives you an action plan.
State of Application Development 2018 Infographic

18th October 2018

How IT Is Responding to Digital Disruption and Innovation
Webinar: AI, DevOps & Low-Code Learning Lab | 3 Gartner Catalyst Sessions

5th October 2018

Webinar #1 - Full-Stack Dev with Low-Code and No Limits | See a low-code platform specifically designed for full-stack dev in action. Webinar #2 - DevOps + Low-Code: The Road to Continuous Delivery Nirvana | See how low-code platforms allow you to make daily releases and form a continuous delivery pipeline. Webinar #3 - Channel the Power of AI...
NES Financial Solves Scalability Challenges With OutSystems and Low-Code Dev

20th September 2018

Named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine for 2011 and 2012, NES Financial set the standard for third-party administration of complex escrow and fund administration transactions. The development of the company’s initial eSTAC platform, which automated many labor-intensive spreadsheet tasks, allowed the company to...