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We combine state-of-the-art technology and sound financial knowledge to create unique digital solutions for today’s banks and for people who like banking to be quick and easy. Flexible. Reliable. Future-proof.

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Making the switch. Rewiring banking

21st March 2019

Traditional banks have faced down the apocalypse over the past three years, as young start-ups and more established fintech companies threatened their position in the financial services value chain. It is inevitable for banks to become truly digital and stay relevant. We have created the "Making the switch" paper to explain the five steps to manage...
Matrix lending & leasing Brochure

28th February 2019
Van Lanschot case study

21st February 2019

Van Lanschot replaced the bank’s Siebel CRM system with five°degrees' digital banking platform Matrix. Within current projects, the bank adopts the workflow aspects of the system to bring improved automation in areas such as client onboarding.
2019 UK Banking Customer Survey

13th February 2019

Banks need to keep up with fast-changing customer demands to provide a seamless customer-experience. But what do customers really demand from their banks? And how can banks meet those demands? We asked more than 2000 UK banking customers consumers what they think about their banks, what their favourite access channels are (for example, online,...
Case study: Argenta

11th December 2018

Get to know why Argenta is certain that the Matrix platform was the best match for Argenta's requirements and how Matrix allows Argenta to integrate other services, both at the front end and at the back end. Download the case study here.
Modernize core banking: How to improve the customer experience

13th November 2018

Legacy core banking owners know all about inflexibility. This white paper explains how you can improve the customer experience by implementing our digital banking platform on top of your legacy core banking system.
Matrix digital core banking: Next-generation banking

6th November 2018

What is Matrix? How can it help transform banking? How can it help you transform to a digital bank? This white paper explains Matrix’s cutting-edge technology and functionalities.
PSD2: a marketplace banking opportunity

16th October 2018

This white paper outlines the ‘ins and outs’ of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and the huge impact it will have on banking.
Marketplace banking for SMEs

9th October 2018

SMEs are often neglected by banks. This white paper explains how our digital banking platform and solutions can help banks reconnect with this key group of customers.
Case study: Knab

26th September 2018

Learn how Knab has made a significant impact on the Dutch banking scene by running a full-service digital banking platform powered by Matrix mid.