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Architect’s Guide to Digital Core Banking in the Cloud

5th November 2019

You can’t become a digital bank without core systems renewal. However, how do you ensure you won’t end up with the same legacy problems within a few years, despite setting up something new? The Architect’s Guide to Digital Core Banking in the Cloud helps you to define what is essential in building and implementing a future-proof core banking...
Digital Banking for SME loans

10th October 2019

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) have been neglected by banks which lead SME's to turn to alternative financing resources. The traditional banks need to embrace the digital revolution and the power of Fintech's to stay relevant in the fast-moving financial world. This insight paper helps you plan a winning SME Lending strategy.
2019 UK banking customer survey

22nd August 2019

Banks need to keep up with fast-changing customer demands to provide a seamless customer-experience. But what do customers really demand from their banks? And how can banks meet those demands? We asked more than 2000 UK banking customers consumers what they think about their banks, what their favourite access channels are, and which services they...
Digital core banking

8th August 2019

The banking industry moves quickly towards an interconnected model, which means banks need to integrate third party services. Customers increasingly demand a seamless digital experience, and by making smart use of API’s, existing core banking systems should enable any bank to provide this experience. In this paper, we explain how banks can...
Matrix lending & leasing Brochure

19th July 2019

Matrix lending & leasing is a proven calculation and management engine that currently supports multiple banks in handling their lending and borrowing product administration. The Matrix lending & leasing brochure helps you take a look into our flexible credit management engine with extended capabilities.
Brand New Day Case Study - Building a new digital bank in 5 months.

27th June 2019

Brand New Day is a Dutch challenger focused on disrupting the pension business in the Netherlands. In 2015 the company took the decision to develop an online pension bank for private individuals. After several months, the company choose five°degrees' Matrix accounts to run its savings products. In this case study, you will learn why Brand New Day...
Strategic guide to selecting a digital banking platform

4th April 2019

To make the full switch to digital banking, you require a digital banking platform. However, how do you determine which platform best suits your strategy? The Strategic Guide to Selecting a Digital Banking Platform helps you plan your route through your digital transformation. Learn about setting your requirements for moving to a digital...
Making the switch. Rewiring banking

21st March 2019

Traditional banks have faced down the apocalypse over the past three years, as young start-ups and more established fintech companies threatened their position in the financial services value chain. It is inevitable for banks to become truly digital and stay relevant. We have created the "Making the switch" paper to explain the five steps to manage...
Van Lanschot case study

21st February 2019

Van Lanschot replaced the bank’s Siebel CRM system with five°degrees' digital banking platform Matrix. Within current projects, the bank adopts the workflow aspects of the system to bring improved automation in areas such as client onboarding.