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Trapets AB specializes in transaction surveillance and compliance technology solutions and today ranks as one of Europe’s most experienced independent providers. Our expertise ranges from systems design, implementation and support through to expert consulting and training. Trapets' solutions are based on the third-generation surveillance and compliance platform InstantWatch. With an ever-increasing degree of regulation in financial markets comes the need for expert advice and competence to design and build systems that meet compliance objectives and budgets. Trapets delivers this advice and design on-premise or as Trapets hosted services. Financial organizations and Regulatory Authorities throughout the world use InstantWatch Market for market surveillance and compliance, AML for Anti Money Laundering and terrorist finance surveillance and KYC for Know Your Customer screening.

Company Resources

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InstantWatch KYC - Product Sheet

6th December 2019

KYC is an important part of the EU’s fourth and fifth anti-money laundering directives. Banks, financial companies and institutions must screen their clients against EU/UN sanctions lists and also keep track if a client is a PEP, or if they are categorized as an RCA. The service makes it easy to carry out such screenings for a reasonable cost....
InstantWatch AML - Product Sheet

6th December 2019

InstantWatch AML provides automatic surveillance against money laundering and terrorist financing. It is very user friendly and supports the third, fourth and fifth EU Anti Money Laundering directives. InstantWatch AML is a powerful platform for automatic surveillance and compliance and is leading the market in northern Europe. The systemL analyses...
InstantWatch Market - Product Sheet

6th December 2019

InstantWatch Market is a leading, independent European platform for securities market surveillance. The system provides detection of insider trading and market manipulation supporting MiFID2/MiFIR and MAR. The system analyses a flow of financial transactions such as trades, orders and news from various sources in real time, and then issues alerts...
InstanWatch KYC fact sheet

12th July 2018

A brief description of Trapets' screening service against PEP and sanctions lists.
MIFID 2 and MIFrR - Trapets take on the upcoming regulations

24th October 2017

The implementation of MIFID2 and MIFIR is approaching and for many actors within the finance industry adaption of their business and systems to ensure compliance with the new regulations is a top priority. MIFID 2 and MIFIR will be enacted on January the third 2018 and they will have a substantial impact for firms active on the European financial...
White Paper regarding EU Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

29th June 2017

There are challenges facing obliged firms in meeting the requirements of the Fourth EU AML Directive. This white paper aims to outline the key changes compared to the Third EU AML Directive and discuss the importance of having a solid risk based system solution, such as Trapets InstantWatch AML and KYC, in place which allows you to meet the new...
White Paper regarding upcoming Market Abuse Regulation,

6th May 2016

On July 3rd this summer, the Market Abuse Regulation,”MAR”, will be implemented across the EU. This White Paper is published for those who wish to learn more about MAR and what new provisions within the area of detection and reporting of market abuse follow and in what way Trapets can assist in achieving regulatory compliance. For further...