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The Corporate Use Case for Automating Bank Statement Feeds

10th December 2020

Traditionally, retrieving bank statements for onward reconciliation has always been a highly manual process, performed by centralised teams of people logging in to online banking portals. But, as we move more and more towards the goal of continuous close, automated processes across payroll, accounts payables and receivables, one of the most...
[Webinar] Automating Cash Management Processes with NSG Group

9th October 2020

Watch this 30-min webinar to learn: - How to successfully plan and deliver a payments & cash management automation project - - Best practices & key learnings from NSG’s Treasury & Risk Reporting Manager - How technology can speed the connection of finance systems to banks and payment schemes Speakers: Jack Clancy, Head of Professional...
How The AA automates 18 million+ transactions every year with AccessPay

1st June 2020

The AA handles a significant volume of both incoming and outgoing payments each month. When their payments provider dropped the bombshell that their software and servers were being made end of life with near immediate effect, they needed a replacement that could be implemented quickly and without hiccup to maintain continued service to their...
[On-Demand Webinar] How to achieve ultimate cash visibility without a TMS

1st June 2020

Watch this webinar to find out: ✅ How you can achieve real-time cash visibility without over-investing in Treasury tech ✅ What are the differences between a TMS and a cash management tool ✅ The role of cash visibility within the current climate Who’s the webinar for? ✅ Treasury Operations professionals ✅ Finance teams without a...
Transforming payments and cash management operations at ITV

1st June 2020

Discover out how AccessPay helps the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster automate their payroll and cash management functions
How optimising your back-office can boost productivity in Finance & Treasury

28th May 2020

Corporate finance and treasury teams have historically been under-served by technological advancements.
Building a Business Case for Enterprise-to-Bank Integration

20th November 2019

The roles of treasury and finance professionals is on the cusp of transformation, this is being spurred on by Enterprise-to-Bank Integration platforms that are eliminating hours of needless spreadsheet work. Find out how you can be on the winning side of this change in 2020 by reading this new eBook from AccessPay – leaders in connecting...
The Practical Guide to Combatting Authorised Push Payment Fraud

23rd July 2019

By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you will be able to: 1) Recognise and identify common types of APP fraud. 2) Implement best practices for protecting yourself and your business from APP fraud. 3) Understand what’s being done right now by Financial Institutions to combat APP fraud in the UK. Fraudsters stole over a quarter of a...
Dispelling the myths around UK Payments

4th March 2019

New tech is changing how businesses handle and store money. The payments landscape is shifting so rapidly, and with new laws like PSD2 coming into play, it’s all a bit of a blur. Quite understandably you may have concerns that you’ll have to pay a large amount of money to update your ERP, TMS and payroll systems if you want to get on board...
Security on top of the agenda for CFOs

14th February 2019

Cyber-attacks, data breaches and fraud have become a threat to the health of back-office systems. Evaluating these threats and understanding the impact they can have on your organisation, especially within the finance function, is now a board-level responsibility. Download the“Security on top of the agenda for CFOs” eBook to find out what you...