Cashfac is a global provider of back office operational cash management and virtual account management software. Delivered through bank partners and direct-to-customer, Cashfac helps hundreds of organisations improve the productivity, visibility, automation and regulatory compliance of cash management operations.

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Cashfac for Pension Administrators

14th October 2019

We offer pension administrators a solution that integrates with their existing systems to help them automate manual processes, reconcile and administer pensions. Working in unison with your accounting systems, our virtual account solution integrates with your bank and internal systems to deliver automatic transactional cash management, control and...
Order to Cash Receivables Management for Corporates

23rd September 2019

Our solution works with your existing accounting/ERP or operational systems to allow you to deliver maximum efficiency to the cash receipts processing stages of the order-to-cash procedure. The solution is designed to easily interface to your existing systems and, on a real-time basis, feed them with all the information they need about the cash...
Invoice Discounting and Factoring

16th September 2019

Using the latest innovations in open banking, our invoice discounting and factoring solution takes control of the entire cash collections process giving banks and lenders control over borrower’s bank account; transferring collected funds from that account, full clearance management and automatic allocation, reconciliation and accounting for cash....
Client Money Management and Compliance

9th September 2019

We believe that good client money compliance is just one part of a strong and efficient money management regime. Our Client Money Management solution offers a principles-based solution that meets the requirements of the financial services regulators around the globe. The solution also fully meets the client money and trust money protection...
The Rising Demand for Virtual Account Management (VAM)

2nd September 2019

This presentation explores how VAM is defined, evidences and explains the ever-increasing VAM demand and looks at the benefits Virtual Bank Technology can bring to both banks and their corporate customers. Download your complimentary copy of this presentation for answers to the following: What is Virtual Account Management (VAM)? Why the...
Virtual Accounts: Closing the Service Gap in Corporate Banking

28th August 2019

Commissioned by Cashfac to Ovum, this research analyses the gaps in service expectations between banks and their business customers and explore the role of virtual accounts in tackling these differences. Findings: 50% of European corporates have considered moving their main banking relationships in the past year 62% of banks say that it is more...
Virtual Accounts: Turning Adversity into Advantage

19th August 2019

As the banking sector faces challenges from regulatory changes such Basel III and increased competition from fintechs and challenger banks, corporate customers are demanding a level of service innovation in business banking previously offered only in their personal bank accounts. This White Paper explores how innovative technology, such as virtual...
Cashfac for Asset & Wealth Management

12th August 2019

The Fund, Asset and Wealth Management sectors in Europe have had to deal with significant change in recent times, driven by various regulations. This brochure details how we help Asset and Wealth Managers significantly and rapidly augment the service offered to their clients by improving Client Money compliance, process efficiency, risk monitoring...