Gresham Technologies

Gresham is a leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time data integrity and control solutions. Gresham's award-winning Clareti software platform has been designed to provide financial institutions with complete certainty in their data processing.

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Regulatory reporting: 7 Questions with Philip Flood, Gresham Technologies

28th April 2021

Philip Flood, Business Development Director, Regulatory and STP Services, recently joined the '7 questions with...' podcast with Gert Raeves of Adox Research. Listen to hear Philip's thoughts on what firms have learned from post-financial crisis reporting challenges and why they are now seeking strategic approaches to reporting, as well as tackling...
Regulatory Reporting podcast: Consolidated Audit Trail, EMIR REFIT, MAS and more

26th March 2021

With regulatory reporting set to remain a major challenge in 2021, Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer, and Philip Flood, Business Development Director, Regulatory and STP Services, Gresham Technologies, recently appeared on the FTF Exchange podcast to discuss the latest regulatory reporting challenges, including MAS reporting requirements,...
Transformation in a crisis: Interview, Ian Manocha, CEO, Gresham Technologies

26th March 2021

COVID 19 has not only changed our world directly but has also acted as a catalyst for other fundamental shifts, particularly in digitalisation and technology. Ian Manocha, CEO, recently joined the ‘7 questions’ podcast with Gert Raeves of Adox Research to discuss why this means that bold, transformational action is a key priority for...
International fund administrator scales processes to match business growth

25th August 2020

Onboarding new customers and expanding into new markets may be an exciting time for businesses, but what happens when this growth means that you outgrow your manual processes? This short video demonstrates how an international fund administrator was able to avoid costly headcount increases and slow system integration by digitally transforming its...
Gresham acquires Inforalgo to expand regulatory reporting capabilities

29th July 2020

Gresham Technologies (Gresham), the leading fintech in reconciliations, banking integration and cash management solutions, has today announced the acquisition of Capital Markets data automation specialist, Inforalgo Information Technology Ltd (Inforalgo).
How a Global, Tier One Bank Saved £3 Million by Taking Control of its Data

14th July 2020

As the financial services landscape becomes ever more complex , banks are finding it increasingly challenging to obtain a cost effective and compliant view of their data. We show how Clareti Transaction Control enabled a global, tier one investment bank to improve break and match rates across reconciliation runs, increase control onboarding...
Data Confidence in Reconciliations: An Interview with Gresham CTO Neil Vernon

9th July 2020

Higher trading volumes, more complex products, and increasing regulatory and audit scrutiny - the reconciliations environment grows more challenging by the day. However it is becoming clear that legacy systems are unable to keep up with demands. Firms are turning to innovation and new technology, but which of these 'silver bullets' are actually...
Meeting the challenges: Compliance and obligations across regulatory regimes

4th December 2019

This year, in partnership with Bobsguide, Inforalgo conducted a survey to find out the key compliance burdens facing market participants within some of the most prominent regulatory regimes, and how they’re dealing with them. Some clear trends have surfaced in our research, so download the report today to read more.
Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) compliance with Inforalgo’s Bureau service

7th November 2019

Read this short overview to learn how Inforalgo are easing the complexity of Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) compliance with Bureau service.
Easing the complexity of CAT compliance for proprietary trading firms

7th November 2019

In this eBook, read how Inforalgo are easing the complexity of CAT compliance for proprietary trading firms.