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ReconArt is an enterprise class fully web-based reconciliation platform designed for end-to-end automation and integrated management of the entire reconciliation lifecycle. ReconArt serves businesses from all verticals and sizes which tackle enormous transaction volumes, multiple data sources or complex matching logic.

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Reconciliation & Exception Management – Should You Build or Buy?

18th September 2020

And that’s when the debate always starts: should you develop a reconciliation solution in-house, or should you buy an off-the-shelf product. Often the former appears cheaper, and sometimes even gives the appearance of being quicker or easier; however reality has proven time and time again that looks can be deceiving. So here are six great...
US State Treasury – Reconciling Complexity for the Common Good

16th September 2020

Government entities often are among the largest organizations in terms of assets managed and cash turnover. They oversee public funds and are responsible for their gathering, safekeeping, redistribution, and investment. Apart from the sheer magnitude of financial management efforts required, institutions in custody of public funds must comply with...
The Benefits of an Automated Reconciliation Tool for Expanding Businesses

10th September 2020

As a business owner, you don’t want to waste the time of your highly motivated, expert employees on this tedious task. You would rather give them the proper tools, so they can focus on value added activities, business development and management. This is when automated reconciliation tool come to aid.
Implementing Reconciliation Software – The Business Case Made

9th September 2020

There have been many, well publicized instances where the plausible emergencies created as a result of a failure to address their reconciliation duties have culminated in unwelcome outcomes ranging from substantial fines to complete corporate collapse. There is certainly more attention to this issue today than there was even 10 years ago with a...
Achieving all-encompassing reconciliation across capital markets functions

3rd September 2020

Position reconciliations in the investment space are so versatile and complex that creating a centralized platform for reconciling everything from FX (foreign exchange) positions, stocks, bonds and derivatives, intercompany balances, front office, back office and custodian activity and positions, has never been easily achieved in a cost effective...
The role of automated reconciliation in banks’ digital transformation

2nd September 2020

To ensure customers’ smooth digital journey, traditional banks need to re-assess and redefine their operating models. This process is accelerated by the global pandemic which is transforming customer behavior and habits all over the globe. At the same time, financial services markets are disrupted by fintech companies successfully stepping in...
ReconArt - TekSavvy Case Study

27th August 2020

ReconArt was selected by TekSavvy, one of Canada’s leading independent telecommunications service providers, as the fastest growing provider of automated reconciliation software solutions to deliver intuitive reconciliation functionality for the period close process by keeping all the work contained within a single platform.
The Benefits of Automating Employee Expense Reconciliation

25th August 2020

Many of the advancements in supporting the expense process have been driven by the confluence of regulation and technology. Let’s talk about what has been going on in the world of employee expenses and why reconciliation is now a crucial piece of this important corner of Finance.
The struggles with credit card reconciliations solved

20th August 2020

These days it seems like we are receiving more and more requests to help with the automation and streamlining of credit card reconciliation. As a platform historically rooted in principles such as the ability to handle large data volumes, various and complex data sources, and multi-step matching scenarios, ReconArt™ is perfectly suited to answer...
ReconArt - TransferGo Case Study

18th August 2020

As soon as TransferGo realized the need for a technical upgrade in its reconciliation process, its team outlined two major product requirements. First – full reconciliation process automation functionality. Second – scalability, meaning flexible solution capable to accommodate multiple data sources and huge data volumes with speed and...