CompatibL is a leading award-winning provider of custom software development services, market and credit risk solutions and model validation consultancy for the financial industry. Our unique strength is in combining advanced engineering skills with quant expertise to deliver best-in-class solutions for banks.

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Q&A: Drivers of and Barriers to Cloud Adoption

2nd December 2020

Siarhei Niaborski, executive vice-president of risk at CompatibL, discusses the rate of cloud adoption in the capital markets industry and its possible drivers and barriers, how firms can derive maximum value from cloud usage and the criteria on which firms should determine their choice of cloud model.
On the Verge of Basel IV: What’s New in the Package for Banks?

7th September 2020

Reform of the Basel norms in banking brings new challenges but sets robust safeguards for financial markets. Read the analysis below.
On the Verge of Basel IV: What’s New in the Package for Banks?

2nd July 2020

Basel norms in banking are an internationally agreed set of measures developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in response to the numerous challenges faced by the financial and capital markets. As the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) explained, the measures aim at setting minimum standards and requirements that apply to...
How to Choose the Best Cloud Deployment Model for Your Business

2nd June 2020

Every company has its unique business needs, creating a challenge for cloud services and solutions providers. CompatibL’s overview of cloud deployment models explores their advantages, disadvantages and major trends for 2020-2021.
CompatibL Risk Platform Overview

28th May 2020

Whether developing an application to run a business or address the needs of a sophisticated platform, CompatibL delivers custom software application development solutions specifically designed to best satisfy customers’ requirements. Explore more.
Model Validation Best Practices for Banks

4th May 2020

What is model validation and why is it important for model risk management for banks and financial institutions?
Digital Transformation amid Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

17th April 2020

The coronavirus outbreak poses potential sever regulatory and reputational issues. Providers of risk management, IT consulting services, and cloud solutions have sufficient mechanisms to deal with the COVID-19 challenges.
Cloud Adoption Special Report

2nd April 2020

Learn how CompatibL Technologies enables customers to embrace these technologies by downloading our Cloud Adoption Report, published by Discover how companies can move their enterprise applications to the cloud, how CompatibL can reduce the infrastructure costs of CompatibL Risk Cloud deployment in the AWS and Azure cloud, and how it...