Auriga is a specialist provider of innovative omnichannel solutions to banks and other financial institutions. Our solutions are founded on modern architectures and facilitate the rapid deployment of new distribution channels and services while lowering costs and building long-term competitive advantage.

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Understanding Lean Bank Branches and the benefits for both customers and banks

26th May 2020

Lean bank branches are physical locations in which banking services have been optimised to maximise efficiency, slash operating costs and boost customer satisfaction. Find out the 4 key reasons banks should consider investing once the coronavirus lockdown is over.
Top Banking Technology Trends Set To Shape 2020

30th January 2020

It goes without saying that 2019 was a busy year for the banking sector but what does 2020 have in store for banking? Here are the top 5 banking technology trends that will define 2020. This white paper explores the top 5 banking trends that will define the industry throughout the year and how banks need to prepare.
How can Banks use Technology to Humanise Services?

17th January 2020

Many customers say banks can be faceless to deal with. A new concept called “banking for humanity” and popularised by a top fintech guru, attempts to remedy this. But, how can banks use technology to humanise their services and be more empathetic? This white paper considers some of the likely steps.
The Value of Investing in In-branch Video Banking

13th January 2020

To survive in today’s market, banks have to think differently. Investing in innovative technologies such as video banking – as part of a digital transformation – is one way financial institutions are adapting. This doesn’t mean humans will be made redundant, but it does mean their roles will change. So, as banks pilot or expand their...
GENERATION Z - The Next Wave of Customers for Banks

3rd October 2019

For a decade or more, banks have been targeting the Millennial customer born between 1980 and 1994. But today Millennials are as likely to be senior managers within many retail banks. So perhaps attention should shift to the next wave of new customers called Generation Z? This white paper explores Generation Z, their behaviours, attitudes to...
How can Banks Balance Digital Transformation with IT Costs?

5th September 2019

Digital transformation can mean huge IT costs. While traditional banks are absolutely right to invest, how can they do it in a way that doesn’t overstretch their budget? Discover Auriga’s top tips for banks saving money while future-proofing their business. Get your free copy
How Millennium bcp Made the #NextGenBank a Reality

21st February 2019

Like so many other banks, Millennium bcp is reviewing its large branch network. While this has led to some closure and relocation of branches, Millennium BCP was determined to use the review as an opportunity to create a new kind of customer-centric branch format for the future. To ensure long-term protection of their estate, Millennium BCP...
Branch Transformation for Financial Institutions: 2019 Industry Guide

20th February 2019

In this study, sponsored by Auriga, ATM Marketplace investigates the main causes of disruption to the traditional branch banking model, and the distribution strategies banks are adopting — or planning to adopt — in order to achieve greater efficiency while constantly improving the customer experience. Another purpose of the research is to...
Top Banking Trends for 2019 and How Banks Need to Prepare

28th January 2019

What does 2019 have in store for banking? Mark Aldred, Head of International Sales at Auriga explores the key banking trends that will shape the industry and how banks need to prepare. Discover how bank branch location, fintech partnerships, AI experimentation and more will impact banking over the next twelve months in our white paper. Get...
Mark Aldred from Auriga speaks to us at Self-Service Banking 2017

4th October 2017

At Auriga, we’re committed to making personal contact an important part of the transaction. As Mark Aldred explains to Fintech Finance, “You can only achieve this if you have integrated omnichannel solutions. Customers maybe want to start a transaction in one channel and end it in another; different customers want to address different...