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Out now: zeb's European Banking Study 2019 - Weathering the perfect storm!

11th June 2019

Our sixth edition looks at the status quo of European banking with its current opportunities and issues. It presents quantitative simulations of the development over the next 5 years based on several economic scenarios from "Eurogloom" to "Euroboom". Moreover, we take a look at the topic of digitalization—showing how intensely the major European...
European Asset Management Study 2019

28th May 2019

Asset management is highly attractive as capital requirements are negligible. It is currently one of the most profitable markets with a high operating margin of 37% compared to only 34% in banking or 4 percent in insurance. The industry is also growing rapidly – by a stable 14% per year over the past half decade. Global megatrends are driving...

28th May 2019

During the examination, external auditors got a detailed insight in the processes and the software. The re-certification of the zeb.control software concerned the general development process and the software platform as well as the modules ALM, Trading and Credit. It confirmed the quality of the whole solution once again.
Modern Capital Investment Management in Insurance Companies

16th April 2019

Ongoing low interest rates increasingly pose challenges for the insurance industry. In order to leverage urgently needed return potential in capital investments, increasing the risk tolerance within the portfolio is key, albeit a subject of controversial market debate. It will also be necessary to harmonize management perspectives, such as Solvency...
zeb’s software wins InsuranceERM award for "Best Solvency II Solution" 2019

2nd April 2019

Münster, February 12, 2019 — InsuranceERM, the well-known information platform for European insurers, has honored strategy and management consultancy zeb with an award (2018/19) for its innovative Solvency II software. As part of the comprehensive zeb control management software, the winning software module offers insurers valuable support in...
Quick and simple! Instant Net Interest Income Analysis

22nd January 2019

Net interest is the key earnings indicator for banks. Especially in times of low interest rates, it is of utmost importance to quickly recognize business-threatening interest rate risks. The ALM software solutions available today offer a multitude of complex functions and evaluation options—their acquisition, implementation and maintenance,...

18th December 2018

On January 1, 2018, banks started to initially apply the IFRS 9 accounting standard, and the implementation phase has also begun for insurance companies. zeb supports banks, insurance companies and other businesses in implementing IFRS 9. With zeb.control accounting, zeb also offers a powerful tool set that covers all relevant subject areas in...

8th January 2018

With their latest publications, the supervisory authorities have made a first step towards the implementation of IRRBB standards on a European level. What’s more, the future roadmap of upcoming publications has also been clearly defined. Thus, institutions will be facing several conceptual and technical challenges and have to comply with numerous...