AutoRek is an award winning financial controls software, specialising in automated reconciliations, cash allocations and compliance solutions.

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Webinar - Avoid the Pitfalls of Manual Reconciliations

15th January 2020

This AutoRek™ webinar considers common manual reconciliations challenges and how they can be solved: Manual reconciliations processes are time consuming and prone to error Difficulties handling high volumes of reconciliations Complexity of collating multiple sources with varying file and/or data formats into a single place Limited data...
Investing in the Automation Revolution

18th September 2019

Our whitepaper, delivered in conjunction with WBR Insights, surveyed 100 senior financial services professionals to find out more about how data management fits into ongoing tech and regulatory changes within the financial services. Our paper looks in-depth at: -The cost of non-compliance -Brexit and its influence on attitudes towards data...
CASS 7: Best Practice

20th June 2019

Find out how AutoRek is designed to deliver an automated client money reconciliation environment, fully compliant with all CASS 7 regulations.
Financial Data Management and Control for Insurance Firms

4th April 2019

AutoRek offers data management solutions that allow insurance firms to fulfil their financial, operational, risk control and reporting obligations. Agile to ever-changing operational and regulatory requirements. In addition to our standard features and benefits, AutoRek delivers: -Broker accounting, subledgers, cash allocation and statements...
CASS 6.6.54 Stock Shortfalls

12th March 2019

This paper highlights the requirements and common challenges of CASS 6.6.54R with particular emphasis on the identification and treatment. This paper also explains how AutoRek helps firms to fully understand and make the most of their data from a reporting capability.
On Demand Webinar: Transaction Reporting & Data Control

30th January 2019

This webinar recording discusses ways in which AutoRek performs data integrity/validation checks, creates a golden source of data ahead of reporting into the firm’s selected ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism) and simplifies the 3-way Reconciliation process. AutoRek demonstrated how their system is being used by top UK asset manager to fulfil...
AutoRek for Insurance Firms

16th January 2019

AutoRek can help to maintain master data at all stages of the subledger process including; Recording and monitoring transactions on a policy basis supporting robust insurance reconciliations, exception management and meaningful MI. Structuring data enabling automatic generation of forms, documents and feeds to other internal systems. Housing all...
MiFID II Transaction Reporting & Data Control

17th October 2018

AutoRek can assist you firm with reconciling transaction data across all the G20 Reporting Obligations regimes using a single controls framework that meets the various regulatory requirements and adheres to the individual, jurisdictional data laws.
Video: CASS Credibility

28th August 2018

AutoRek significantly reduces the burden on firms required to meet the regulatory obligation of client asset protection as defined in the FCA CASS Handbook. AutoRek works with existing systems to automate CASS processes, ensuring data accuracy at the most granular level, with the ability to provide real-time management information to the CF10a and...
Video: CASS Governance

16th August 2018

Data integrity and financial controls have a big part to play in CASS governance and firms must be able to understand their data to surface and resolve issues efficiently and effectively. Without the correct CASS governance and oversight framework in place, it is very difficult to achieve CASS compliance. What does governance mean to your firm?...