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TAS Group delivers software solutions for cards, payment systems, capital markets & extended enterprise. Our secure solutions manage financial transactions worldwide. We strive to simplify the way private enterprise, public sector, commercial & central banks interact with customers, stakeholders & technology systems

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WHITE PAPER: Last mile connectivity to the financial networks

25th February 2021

Across the board, whether you are an established financial institution, a PSP, an intermediary, a fintech or a challenger bank, one thing remains true: a desire for simplicity, flexibility and speed when it comes to performing global payments and a need to reduce the impact of compliance obligation and operational complexity. In this white paper...
WHITE PAPER: 3DS2: Optimize the buying experience, increase sales, reduce fraud

25th February 2021

As online fraud continues to grow a pace, a trend that has been accelerated by the pandemic, effective, smart, frictionless customer authentication is now vital. In this white paper we explain how 3-D Secure 2 (3DS2): - optimizes the buying experience, increases sales and reduces fraud - offers a smart way to support SCA and SCA exemptions - has...
Active Intraday Liquidity for the Instant Era

30th November 2020

In this Marcus Evans session, TAS Group’s Intraday Liquidity Management experts, Alessandra Riccardi and Mario Mendia explain: - The main challenges for intraday liquidity - Savings and benefits achieved with Active Intraday Liquidity Management - Analytics, operational and stress testing tools to support it - Essentials and tips for project...
WHITE PAPER: How ISOs can thrive in the crowded world of Merchant Acquiring

27th August 2020

The Merchant Acquiring Landscape is undergoing great flux with disruptive forces impacting the market. For ISOs and niche players this presents a real and exciting opportunity to play a bigger role, expand their offering, satisfy their customers’ needs, and prosper. Download the white paper to discover how. A Mercator Advisory Group Research...
WEBINAR: European Payments Ecosystems: Target 2

26th August 2020

In this webinar, payment experts Mario Mendia from TAS Group and Raphael Barisaac from Unicredit speak to Fintech Finance about the dynamic European payments scene today, how it’s evolving, the COVID-effect on payments, how ISO20022 is set to be a game-changer, and the challenges (and opportunities) of the T2/T2S Consolidation project.
WHITE PAPER: Hosting & Cloud: Who to choose?

16th June 2020

WHITE PAPER: Hosting and Cloud: who to choose? Moving to the Cloud, almost everyone agrees it makes sense, but who to go to? Here are some key considerations to help you decide.
WHITE PAPER: Building Prepaid Profitability

1st October 2018

The prepaid account/card value chain involves many players, and so margins are thin for any one player. For a prepaid program manager, the goal is to gain as much revenue share as possible to support the program, increase offerings, and keep shareholders happy. One way for program managers to control costs is by managing multiple processes within...
PODCAST: Turning Card Program Managers into Processors Through the Cloud

25th July 2018

Cloud computing is enabling digital transformation and innovation at an unprecedented rate. The economies of scale that it allows are reducing costs so fast that smaller card processors using the cloud actually have a competitive advantage. Peter Caiazzi and Ennio Ponzetto of TAS USA explain how Card Program Managers are perfectly positioned to...
WEBINAR: Correspondent Banking Innovation

26th March 2018

Correspondent Banking Innovation: The improved offer delivered by banks and fintechs You are invited to join our complimentary webinar on Correspondent Banking. The evolution of correspondent banking has just started and is destined to accelerate more and more, affected primarily by pressure from regulation, new payment providers, shrinking...
WEBINAR: Revolution in Payments and Opportunity for New Services

14th March 2017

[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Revolution in Payments and Opportunity for New Services PSPs face the challenge of forecasting impacts of this game-changer in their market positioning. Defining a successful business strategy to ensure the necessary flexibility to adapt to fast-changing scenarios is key to every Player in the Payment Industry. Presented by...