Innovative solutions for payments and compliance, from comprehensive data and software that manage risk and compliance, to flexible tools that optimize payments pathways. With expertise and solutions from the Fircosoft, Bankers Almanac, and NRS brands, our portfolio protects individual and organizational reputations.

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Accuity: A Guide to ISO 20022 and its Impact on Financial Crime Screening

18th June 2020

Payments are undergoing a digital transformation. The reach of this change is so deep and so vast that it will have an impact on large and small players alike. ‘A Guide to ISO 20022 and its Impact on Financial Crime Screening’ explores the changing market dynamics that have given rise to the need for a common payment messaging standard. It...
Accuity Webcast: How Efficient is Your Financial Crime Screening Process?

3rd October 2019

On this webcast, speakers from Accuity, Chartis Research and Santander UK, examined the results of our comprehensive industry study, ‘Benchmarking and Trends in Financial Crime Compliance Screening’. Watching the webcast will help you to benchmark your organisation’s compliance framework and financial crime screening operations against...
Research Report: Benchmarking and Trends in Financial Crime Compliance Screening

3rd September 2019

As financial institutions face increasing fines for failings in their compliance processes, the technology to support financial crime screening systems continues to evolve. Organisations must develop a clear strategy to ensure they adhere to the ever-more complex web of international regulations, whilst operating efficiently. In this report we...
Accuity: Trade Sanctions and Export Risk Mitigation Solutions for Air Cargo

24th April 2019

The world relies on air cargo for fast, efficient trade. Yet as regulations tighten with regard to trade sanctions and dual-use goods, the risks to air cargo organisations increase. Immediate risks of a violation can include fines, landing restrictions and loss of import/export rights – not to mention criminal liability for individuals. Download...
Accuity Brochure: Firco Automated Alert Reduction

17th April 2019

Firco Automated Alert Reduction applies AI techniques to the hundreds of thousands of potential matches produced by a financial crime screening system. Its patented scoring methodology calculates the probability that a match is correct, and evaluates how material the risk is to the business. The most relevant hits are flagged for immediate...
Accuity Whitepaper: Five Best Practices for Adverse Media Screening

19th March 2019

Institutions need to develop policies and procedures to identify and manage high-risk entities such as those exposed through adverse media. This white paper from Accuity addresses the challenges compliance professionals face when screening for adverse media. It outlines five best practices that will enable your institution to tackle the...
Accuity Whitepaper: Money Laundering and Real Estate

11th March 2019

Money laundering is estimated to have reached $1.6 trillion a year – equivalent to 3% of the world’s GDP. We believe the real estate sector will be the next focus of attention for regulators and governments in the fight against financial crime. In this report, we show how anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF)...
Accuity Awarded in 'Solutions for Watchlist Screening: 2018 ABCD Vendor View'

5th March 2019

Industry analyst firm Celent recently analysed the vendor marketplace to produce its ‘ABCD Vendor View of Solutions for Watchlist Screening’. It presented, at a glance, the relative positions of each vendor across four categories: - Advanced and agile technology - Breadth of functionality - Customer base (relative number and distribution of...
Accuity Industry Report: Findings from the 2018 Accuity Payments Survey

1st March 2019

A key priority for banks and payments providers is customer centricity, with companies seeking to differentiate themselves by offering a faster, better and more trusted service. Payments service providers understand that a sharper customer focus can help shape innovation and support growth. This report details how these businesses are leveraging...
Accuity Industry Report: Findings from the 2018 Accuity KYC Survey

28th February 2019

Accuity surveyed over 100 banks, financial institutions, corporates, and government and regulatory bodies across all regions to gain deeper insight into their pain points when conducting financial counterparty KYC. This industry report analyses the results to provide a global view of the latest trends, including the increased emphasis on the need...