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Survival of the fittest: How to tackle multi-asset in a challenged market

27th February 2019

An in-depth look at tackling multi-asset challenges and finding the opportunities in North America. The third annual  Multi-Asset Strategies Investing, North America  report brings together a multi background line-up of 9 asset owners and market commentators to debate, outline and review sector trends impacting the multi-asset investment...
Exploring trends in the buy-side market

26th February 2019

Following Clear Path’s Fund Management Operations Summit in London, this new report brings together several pieces of thought leadership exploring some of the most discussed trends in the market today. SimCorp has partnered with Clear Path Analysis to provide insights into the impact and practical use cases of today’s important topics -...
Active management insights: 2019 North American InvestOps report

26th February 2019

Enhancing competitiveness through multi-asset, front-to-back investment operations: 100 heads of North American buy-side investment operations shared their insights, which have specific relevance for active managers working to enhance competitiveness, improve margins and add value for investors.
Standardization is an accelerating trend, don’t miss out on its opportunities

14th February 2019

With an introduction by EY on the key drivers, SimCorp experts explain how to leverage standards and standardized processes developed within the industry for gaining competitive advantage and improving profitability margins.
How to reduce the cost and complexity of managing alternatives

14th February 2019

If managing non-traditional asset classes are creating headaches for your ops teams, you’ll want to read our latest white paper “Reducing the cost and complexity of supporting alternatives”. It explores why the traditional approach doesn’t work and what you can do to scale your alternatives business.
SimCorp Asset Management Industry Outlook 2018

27th November 2017

WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY? To prepare for our annual Outlook report we looked back on the whirlwind events of the past 12 months. If 2017 was any indication, you hardly need a crystal ball to know 2018 will be an eventful year too. New developments in regulations, disruptive technologies, market demands and mounting...
Pursuing growth in uncertain times

15th November 2016

Learn how to unlock growth in a volatile market and break down the barriers holding you back. To unlock growth in a continually changing market, investment managers need the right strategy and the right support from their operating model. The paper presents new findings from analysts and industry experts about the main opportunities for growth in...
The investment book of records: Gain a ‘golden copy’ you can rely on

8th November 2016

Learn how an investment book of record (IBOR) helps you on a daily basis to improve focus on your core business and provide the foundation for innovation and the ability to tap into new growth opportunities. This white paper looks at how an IBOR ensures ‘one version of the truth’ for improved investment decision-making, meets the increasing...
Globalization: Overcoming the challenges of entering new markets

15th July 2015

This paper investigates the various models for investment firms expanding into new markets and the many challenges that must be overcome. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to globalization - what may work for one firm, may not work for another. This paper takes a holistic approach to globalization and offers some insight to firms in the...
Legacy Systems The elephant in the room

26th June 2015

If you are confronted with the decision of whether to continue finding manual workarounds to your outdated legacy infrastructure, making the move to a state-of-the-art investment management system, or outsourcing, then read this white paper to learn more. Decide on the best way forward with your IT infrastructure, based on research and insights...