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Kx Product Insights: Streaming ChartIQ in Kx Dashboards

16th July 2019

This blog provides an insight into how Kx can be coupled with 3rd party applications such as ChartIQ to provide rich visualisation of market data, to aid technical analysts in identifying market trends.
Kx releases latest version of its enterprise platform and data science tools.

16th July 2019

Kx releases latest update of its enterprise suite of data science tools. Key changes include improved machine learning capabilities and an enhancement to features intended for cloud deployments, giving Kx customers more choice than ever when deploying the enterprise platform in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid cloud environments.
Kx for Algos

16th July 2019

Based on a Complex Event Processing architecture, Kx for Algos provides the performance and flexibility to research, engineer, test and deploy a wide range of proprietary trading strategies and manage associated risk in real-time.
Kx for CAT

16th July 2019

Gathering together all the required data elements in an operationally efficient manner is one of the biggest challenges in solving the CAT reporting challenge. This flyer proposes Kx's solution to this growing issue - Kx for CAT.
Kx for Surveillance - Flyer

16th July 2019

Kx for Surveillance enables regulators, exchanges and industry practitioners to stay abreast of rapidly evolving financial markets to ensure market integrity and efficiency.
Consolidated Audit Trail Go-Live Will Happen; Patience Required

1st February 2019

As you may have seen, the Wall Street Journal broke the news yesterday that Thesys Technologies, which is currently the Plan Processor for the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), are on their way out. With stock exchanges ready to replace Thesys, this change presents a number of questions and, as a result, the uncertainty of CAT continues to persist....
How Cobalt Leverages Kx & Blockchain-Inspired Tech for FX Post-Trade Processing

8th May 2018

A Discussion of Blockchain Capabilities for Financial Markets Applications and Hybrid Architectures to Boost Performance This white paper provides an overview of how Kx technology is being implemented alongside blockchain-inspired data immutability functionality to underpin a new service that is set to dramatically reduce costs and risks in the...
Comparing and Contrasting the Kx and Hadoop Ecosystems

16th November 2017

Over the past two decades companies in the financial services industry working with extremely large datasets have turned to Kx's high-performance time-series database kdb+, with its built-in programming language called q, for high performance analytics. Some of these companies have in recent years also built applications in Apache Hadoop. Find...