Kx technology, incorporating the kdb+ time-series database, is a leader in high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence. Kx delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries.

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Consolidated Audit Trail Go-Live Will Happen; Patience Required

1st February 2019

As you may have seen, the Wall Street Journal broke the news yesterday that Thesys Technologies, which is currently the Plan Processor for the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), are on their way out. With stock exchanges ready to replace Thesys, this change presents a number of questions and, as a result, the uncertainty of CAT continues to persist....
Consolidated Audit Trail Go-Live is Now a Certainty

19th September 2018

In this first article in a series about the roll out of the SEC’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), Kx Regulatory Reporting Director Adam E. Dix provides an update on the status of the regulation which will improve the ability of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO’s) to more effectively oversee...
FX data analytics are the next arms race

20th August 2018

The FX market today has a reduced appetite for risk, greater restrictions on the use of capital, and a decrease in trading experience of front office staff at many banks -- all of which are creating a shift in the balance of power of traditional FX liquidity providers. We are now seeing trends that are focused not only on trade execution but also...
Migrating your HDB to Amazon EC2

20th August 2018

If you are assessing migrating a kdb+ historical database (HDB) and analytics workloads into the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), or are considering migrating any other type of HDB to the cloud you will need to weigh the pros and cons for each storage solution available. This white paper discusses the performance and functionality attributes...
Understand your data when building data driven enterprise applications

16th August 2018

In this Q&A, computer industry pundit Dave Thomas, who is also Chief Scientist at Kx, outlines what IT departments should consider when embarking on building large-scale, Big Data enterprise applications. The first challenge is having an understanding of the domain to be able to build useful and efficient models. The second challenge is getting...
Time for a new approach to financial surveillance

7th August 2018

Kx regulatory expert Mike Gorman explains what banks need to know to upgrade their surveillance systems to meet today's increasing global regulatory requirements. From building a team; to creating smart alerts that don't waste analysts' time; to bridging the compliance/business divide, companies need to step back and evaluate their compliance and...
How Cobalt Leverages Kx & Blockchain-Inspired Tech for FX Post-Trade Processing

8th May 2018

A Discussion of Blockchain Capabilities for Financial Markets Applications and Hybrid Architectures to Boost Performance This white paper provides an overview of how Kx technology is being implemented alongside blockchain-inspired data immutability functionality to underpin a new service that is set to dramatically reduce costs and risks in the...
Comparing and Contrasting the Kx and Hadoop Ecosystems

16th November 2017

Over the past two decades companies in the financial services industry working with extremely large datasets have turned to Kx's high-performance time-series database kdb+, with its built-in programming language called q, for high performance analytics. Some of these companies have in recent years also built applications in Apache Hadoop. Find...